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    My Bladder Cancer Story

    Derek Anderson (Summer 2019)


    In Sept 2016, I was informed that I had muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) and would require surgery to remove my bladder – a long and complicated operation called a Radical Cystectomy (RC).


    Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I came upon the Bladder Cancer Canada website and found that they were going to be holding a Patient Education Meeting in Montreal. My wife, my son and I attended the meeting, where we heard four doctors speak about the various options available to treat MIBC and the fact that a patient who isn’t being offered options has the right to seek a second opinion. I was fortunate to then be referred to Dr. Wes Kassouf, one of the speakers from the meeting. My wife and I went to see him, fully expecting to discuss the plan for my surgery (RC), and what type of urinary diversion would be best suited.  To our complete surprise, he suggested that I might be a good candidate for the bladder preservation procedure of “radiation with chemotherapy”.  A few days later we met with the radiation oncologist (also a speaker from the meeting), who agreed that I should consider this option. Two opinions, both suggesting the same course of action, so the way forward was clear to us.


    It’s now been over three years since I was first diagnosed with a bladder tumour, and two-and-a-half years since finishing the chemo/radiation treatment. My bladder is still intact, and the “plumbing” functions normally. I am most grateful to my talented and compassionate team of doctors, and to Bladder Cancer Canada for being a catalyst in this success story!


    Now I’m doing what I can to “give back”. For the past year, I’ve been volunteering with BCC as a Peer Support Volunteer, and this year I’m celebrating my 78th birthday by participating in the BCC Awareness Walk and I’ve asked my family for donations in lieu of gifts. It’s my way of helping BCC to fulfill their mission to support patients, increase awareness and fund research which pursues the diagnosis, treatment and elimination of bladder cancer.


    Join the Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk at

    Derek's family

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