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    Well, the world didn’t end as many thought it would according to the Mayan calendar. Now if the Mayan calendar had predicted the end of cold winters…. that would be a blessing.


    Did they set their clocks back as they were supposed to? That could be the problem.


    Kind of made me mad!
    I ate all the stuff I liked, which made me gain weight.
    Spent all our money (can’t take it with you).
    Told off everyone I have been wanting to .
    And gave away my car.

    NOW what do I do! Darn Mayans!


    I guess that it goes to show that you can’t really trust anyone anymore, eh? Especially with end of the world predictions.

    Kiowa, I think that they used sundials to tell time. How would you set back a sundial? Turn it clockwise or counterclockwise?


    We are much more advance than that. We turn the planet instead of the sun dial. Much easier that way.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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