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    Hi my name is Nick i’m 53yrs old into my third surgery to remove tumor 6 treaments
    of BCG did not work on my aggressive high grade cancer that my Doc keeps stressing. I may have to live with the fact that my bladder will eventually have to be removed and my Doc. says i am an excellant candidate for neo bladder. I hope so it would be extremely difficult to have an external bag at my age. I will know Aug.30 what my faith will be I have been very positive and looking forward to see my loving daughter grow up to be old and also my loving wife. I admire and thank everyone
    for expressing their thoughts in these blogs.


    Hi Nick,
    With no warnings to speak of, this summer I was diagnosed with highly aggressive muscle invasive BC. The waiting to find out what’s going to happen is, let’s be honest, totally hellish at times. I’m due to get a neobladder sometime in early September. The main thing is to stay positive! You’ll do great…, and the people in this group are all wonderful. Stay active with the group. It’s the best thing I’ve done for both myself and my husband.

    Good luck!


    Hi Saldcorn

    Thanks for the response please keep me updated on your neo surgery and let us all know how it went

    Good luck to you to my friend


    Hey Nick, just reaching out as I am the happy owner of a very nice neo bladder since June of 2013. Just happened to also be 53 when diagnosed/treated. Would be happy to answer any questions as you move closer to a decison, either here on the forum or via personal message. Best wishes and welcome to the BCC community.

    Paul D

    Good luck with every thing Nick and keep us posted, only in my first year of BC and just finished my 6 BCG treatments after high grade non muscle invasive plus tumor removal and will have another Cysto in Sept, waiting for the result of that will be the worst time just like all the other worst waiting times. Keep positive and keep asking questions.
    Love and best wishes


    Thanks alot paul I’m new to this discussion forum so forgive me if I take time to answer.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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