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    I have had 12 bcg, 2 cysto, and 2 TURBT so far. I had experienced some mild pain before, but this last set of 3 bcg was really bad. I passed blood and puss clots for a couple days after, and there was much more pain. I beleive my urethera has been damaged due to all the invasion, and wonder if anyone knows of things I can do to help the repair process? I am a male. It feels like when the cathetar goes in, there is an abrasion or cut within the first 3 cm of the urethera, I am just guessing here. Thanks everyone, and good luck to all…

    Jack Moon

    Do you know if the nurse is inserting jell prior to inserting the catheter? If she is not that possibly is causing the problem. I would recommend you speak to your Urologist and inform him of your situation.
    All the best,


    Hi there, sorry to learn of the problem. Even though I’m female I had a lot of urethra pain too while doing BCG. What we eventually figured out was that I had two main problems. I was born with a very narrow urethra that was corrected by stretch surgery at age 4. Even though that surgery essentially corrected the problem I think but can’t prove is that my urethra is still a bit smaller than normal. Secondly due to all the invasion of scopes and catheters and menopause my urethra is drier than normal and has prolapsed making the insertion of a catheter a bit trickier than usual. The nurse solved this by inserting anesetic gel into the urethra, and using a pediatric sized catheter plus she lubed that up as well before inserting it. It was still painful after the anesetic wore off but as least I didn’t hit the roof when she was administering the treatments.

    Your urethra is also probably very irritated from the BCG. Mine sure got that way. I found that drinking lots and lots of water for the whole treatment period and avoiding caffeine really helped. I also suggest follow Jack’s advice and check with your dr because you shouldn’t pass a lot of blood with BCG and if you do at all it should be minor and clear up within 48 hours of treatment. Copious amounts of blood can cause urethra pain too. When I was first beginning my BC journey I passed what seemed to be a ton of blood into the toilet. Like many I had no pain, no prior warning. My urethra was really sore after voidng all that blood mixed with the urine. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes. Best wishes.


    Well, not being a urologist I can only go by my own experience and what my uro has told me. Oh, first, welcome. OK, well, I had 8 rounds of BCG and the urethral pain was pretty bad end lasted quite a while. Insertion of the catheter with lots of lube is important but even if done perfectly the BCG, being an irritant, can certainly cause urethral pain and irritation. My hunch is that the cause of the problem. I would certainly speak with your doc about it though. I assume he or she is using lots of urogel. My doc injects some, the waits about 10 minutes and then lubes the cath. Then it is inserted just a little way, retracted more urogel added, inserted a little ways more, retracted and more urogel added etc. until it is fully in place. this insures that the urethra is well lubricated.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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