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    Greetings, I am new to this so hope I enter this correctly….Anyone here have any experience with UTUC or Upper tract transitional cell carcinoma?


    Hi GreenGardenLove

    I have not had UTUC.

    Will you be able share what your pathology report said?

    The pathology report will first tell if it is non-muscle invasive or muscle invasive.

    If it is non-muscle invasive, you may want to re-post in “non muscle invasive bladder cancer” and  if it is muscle invasive, re-post in “muscle invasive bladder cancer”.

    Physiologically, the structure of the wall of upper tract and lower tract (bladder) is the same  such that the wall of upper tract and bladder consist of three tissue layers, i.e. epithelial, connective and muscle tissue.  Bladder cancers are heterogeneous.  Some bladder cancers stay in the epithelial tissue, which still need to be dealt with but not life threatening.   Other bladder cancers (high grade and carcinoma in-situ) tend to progress through the epithelial tissue into connective tissue and muscle tissue.  Muscle tissue has many blood vessels and lymphatic vessels and bladder cancer cells find a way to get into those vessels, especially through lymphatic vessels and be carried around the body and become life threatening by metastasis.  Because upper tract cannot retain treatment agent such as BCG, and because of it’s location and narrowness, the treatment can be different even if the depth of tumor and the type of tumor are the same.   The pathology report will help navigate what should be the next step.
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    Hi, I tried to reply to your post a few times with links, but no success, you probably know UTUC is on a different staging, different biology protocols, different surgical approaches and different methods on treatments and follow ups.
    if you Google BCAN( the US one) with Understanding Upper Track Urothelial Carcinoma, webinar, you will find a useful good discussion by uro-oncologists.
    Google upper track urothelial carcinoma Alberta, you will find a PDF of Alberta’s UTUC step by step guideline.

    Be educated and don’t be afraid to speak out, don’t be like me, I found out that I had UTUC by myself long after my treatment window was closed. Best luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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