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    I went to our public hospital in Kingston, ON this morning for a scheduled four-month follow-up CTscan.  My surgeon and oncologist did not want to postpone it.  I was a little apprehensive about Covid-19 so phoned the hospital early in the week.  They assured me that they had all of the necessary precautions in place.

    They certainly did !

    I parked in the multilevel garage, which was at no charge versus the usual $4 or $5.  The barriers were up, and cars were parked with an empty space or two between them.  The garage was about 1/3 full.  Good start !

    I walked to the single hospital entrance and waited in a line with two other people; standing on marked spots two metres apart. The normally crowded and busy lobby had one person in it.  A fully masked and gowned ‘greeter’ asked about any symptoms, had me sanitize my hands, and proceed to a nearby check-in station.  A clerk behind a plexiglass screen asked about purpose of visit, recent contacts, and travel and self-isolation history.  I was then allowed to proceed to the elevators.

    There was no line at the elevators and upon pushing the button, the door to an empty elevator opened.  I pushed my floor number and quickly the door opened to a deserted corridor with the large Imaging Department waiting room across from it.  There was one person sitting there.  Over half of the chairs had been removed, and the remains ones spaced at least two metres apart.  Where were the usual twenty or more people.  There was no line-up at the registration desk and I was attended to immediately by the clerk behind a plexiglass screen.  I then took a chair and a fully masked and gowned technician brought me my drink of radioactive dye.  Then exactly on time, another fully masked and gowned technician led me to the CTscan room and prepared me for the procedure.  Fifteen minutes later I was finished, back onto an empty elevator and on my way home.

    I was completely surprised at how smooth and fast everything went, how pleasant, caring and professional that everyone I had contact with was, and how I never felt exposed or vulnerable to any type of infection or virus.  I never took the N95 mask I had with me out of my pocket.  I’ll save it for another day.

    I pray that any of you needing a hospital visit in these stressful times has a similar experience.





    A great commendation of our local KHSC here in Kingston, Don and I am sure many other Canadian health facilities. I spent a couple of weeks there in recovery five years ago after my RC and had a similar experience.

    Kingston and the 1000 Islands


    Hi Don,

    So glad that all went safely for you yesterday. Cancer patients, like us, have to weigh the covid exposure risk against necessary surgery, procedures and treatments. Hospitals and clinics have to weigh the same concerns.

    Yesterday I started a maintenance round of BCG treatments at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. I was met with the same precautions and protections you described. It was effortless to practice social distancing. They were ready for me and others receiving treatment.

    We are so fortunate. The Covid outbreak has cancelled so many treatments and more for millions of cancer patients throughout the world.

    Take care, stay safe, God Bless,





    Thanks Gerry and Peter,

    Wanted to share my experience so others might feel confident in not needlessly deferring their important procedures.  These are definitely stressing times and so difficult to keep up with what’s going on, what is factual and what is not.

    Take care everyone……Don




    Hi Donald123,

    Congrats on your CT scan done as scheduled.   I thought CT scan will be one of the procedures which would be impacted by COVID-19 as more CT scans are done to check the lung of COVID-19 patients.  Could you elaborate why 4 month scheduled CT if you do mind?   Many patients I know who had removed the bladder have scheduled one year CT scan check up.  I would to know if those scheduled CT scans would be affected.



    Hi Joe,

    Good questions.  I miscalculated a bit.  My CT scan was five months after my RC, and four months after last seeing my urologist/surgeon.

    Firstly we have two major hospitals in our area.  The one I went to does n0t handle Covid-19 patients.  It is mainly for diagnostics and same day procedures.  The second covers in-patient surgery, ICU, critical care, etc.  Covid-19 assessment and testing is done at a repurposed hockey arena, so potential exposure is well controlled.

    Secondly, I was scheduled for six rounds of pre-operative chemo last fall, but was only capable of doing two.  My blood just couldn’t take the chemicals.

    Thirdly, I had a more (most?) aggressive form of bladder cancer which the cancer team was quite concerned about and only three years earlier had colon cancer and a colon resection.  All of these combined resulted in the earlier than typical follow-up scan.

    Hope this helps, Don





    Thanks Don for sharing your situation in detail.   I am glad to see that your urologist and oncologist were able to determine the optimum timing for CT scan and actually were able to execute it.



    Hi Don:

    Thanks for sharing your experience.  My annual cystoscopy was due on April 16th.  I had the choice of postponing it since I’m only in surveillance.  When I asked I was told that they have cut the number of cystos that they normally do in half and it is only one doctor at a time doing them in the cysto suite not two.  That waiting area is tiny and normally we are packed in like a can of sardines so they cut the number of appointments with preference given to those that have had surgery or are in active treatment.  The other reason that I postponed is because being a woman I’m required to change into a gown for the exam and that change room is not the cleanest at the best of times and neither is the washroom so I’m glad that I had the choice to postpone.  Best wishes to all those that do have to undergo stuff during this difficult time.  ((((HUGS))))


    Hi MarySue,

    I got a call this morning from the local coordinator of a five year Colon cancer study that I am participating.  The study continues, they are postponing most follow-up tests/visits due to Covid-19.  My next visit to that oncologist isn’t until August, so I’ll see later if it gets postponed.  My Bladder cancer visit with the urologist is still on for April 28th is still on.


    Had a follow-up phone call with my Urologist this morning.  Has been almost six months since my RC and he said my recent CT scan looked very good.  No signs of cancer, nor kidney or ureter issues.  I’m quite relieved.

    My recent blood work showed an elevated level Creatinine, which my GP has some concern about, as it is a sign of reduced kidney function.   However, my Urologist stated that an increased level can be expected due to a regular bladder absorbing Creatinine while a neo-bladder won’t.   Hence the increased level.  He saw nothing to be concerned about.

    So I guess I’m good,  at least till my next six month tests and consult.

    Jack Moon

    Great news Donald!



    Thanks Jack!

    Just thought I’d close the loop and share some positive news.



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