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    The countdown is on. We leave for the hospital at 5:30 am tomorrow. Tim did pretty well up till this morning. This second day of clear fluids – and the bowel prep – seem to have left him pretty weak and pale. It feels counter-intuitive to think that making a person go without nourishment and putting them thru the bowel cleanse is a good way to have them in optimal shape for surgery! He looked healthier two days ago.

    But! We are getting close now, what seemed so far away in February. Tim is quiet and very anxious, naps quite a bit. I am trying to keep busy with “last things” like laundry, packing his bag, etc. It will be a long evening and night I am sure, and an even longer day tomorrow! Surgery at 8 am. Hoping by the end of the day tomorrow to hear that the margins looked good and a neobladder was successfully created….we’ll deal with the rest of it as it comes. Hard to have to wait for the pathology reports, but I guess we’ll have enough to think about as it is!

    I’ll try to log on tomorrow night or Saturday with an update. Appreciate your prayers and thoughts!


    Teresa: I hope all goes well for Tim tomorrow.
    All the best


    Well, Tim can relax tomorrow because it will not really exist for him. Asleep for six or so hours in surgery and then not really concentrating well the rest of the day. Is there anyone you can sit with, friend or family, while all this is going on? Helps to be able to chat with someone, laugh, have lunch, grab a coffee, go for a walk while putting in the time. The hospital will also likely have someone give you an update at some point during the surgery.

    May you experience peace and comfort – and even joy through all of this.



    Will be thinking of you both tomorrow. It is good to get on the other side of the surgery, and start on the road to recovery – it has been a long wait for you. Ditto what Greg said above.



    Best of luck for Tim’s surgery tomorrow. I agree with the “starvation” thing before surgery. It doesn’t make sense but it is necessary to have a “clean” bowel to work with I guess. I don’t want to go there in my mind as to what surgeons face in that department. I found it hard fasting before the TURBTs. I had to stop eating at midnight the night before even though the surgery wasn’t until mid afternoon the next day. That being said it is peanuts compared to what Tim has had to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Keep us posted. ((((SUPER BIG HUGS)))

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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