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    Have you noticed how your grocery dollar doesn’t buy what it used to? I bought half a cartful of groceries today and expected it to be around $150. Instead it was over $200. I have noticed that packages don’t contain as much as they did. Pop cans used to be I think 12oz then went to 10 and now are less than that in many cases. Juice boxes use to be 250-300ml now many are 175-200ml. Boxes of granola bars that contained 8-10 bars now only have 5-6.

    The other part that still doesn’t make sense is that it still takes me the same amount of time to buy fewer/smaller amounts and the same amount of time to put the items away. Greg, Kiowa help me with the math here! Oh and like Jeanne I still forget where I put stuff. I think I need to borrow Ki’s dogs or pet dinosaur to help sniff out missing items.


    Well, even if the prices of food items stayed the same you would still be paying more by virtue of getting less. So you get less and pay more. Makes perfectly good cents. You can save time putting things away though by buying in bulk. You’ll burn off some calories too so it’s a win win situation. Something like that. I think. I’m not sure. What did I just say?



    Wait. Was that Kiowa who just wrote in. The Kiowa we all used to know and …well, love, I guess, maybe, sometimes…? I guess he’s been out buying bulk or should I say, bulking up, in recent days and weeks. Great to have you back in the land of the living Ki.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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