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    Just wondering- has anyone been assaulted by a telephone pole? I have.

    Oh, why are they called that? Why not electric poles, or cable poles or something. Birds and squirrels use them too. Even I used one once. Well I classic mbed part way up a pole. Don’t trust run me in. I was only 10 years old. Is there a statute of limitations? Hymmm. Marysue and jack and y’all must know. But r do they even have such things that n Canada?

    Jack Moon

    No telephone poles in newer subdivisions since the 70’s in my area, all underground except for rural areas. Not sure about the statute of limitations, do you even have laws in Texas?


    Hi Kiowa! Good to have you back! I’ve sure missed your humour.

    To answer your question- one telephone pole did hit me when I was backing up when learning to drive back in the early 1980’s…As for the statue of limitations, no idea. My then car, was a 1972 Valiant that was built like an army tank. The pole suffered injury and needed stiches but my car was fine, not even a scratch. I wanted to have the pole arrested for jaywalking into me but no charges were laid.

    Telephone poles proved to be entertaining in my childhood neighbourhood. Squirrels used the lines as travel ways which helped avoid getting squished on the road. It was fun watching them travel along upside down as well as right side up. My brothers thought it fun to take a slingshot and try to hit the squirrels – such is the intelligence of young boys.

    We did have one grey squirrel that would hang about halfway up the telephone pole that was at the end of our driveway and tease and scold our dog. He was just out of reach and would drive Scamp crazy. This squirrel would also go between telephone lines, poles and trees and chuck walnuts at you if he thought that you were too close to his turf. We got payback in a sad way when he got too adventurous and chewed the telephone line. He got an electric shock that killed him and we lost our phone service for a couple of days.

    Summer thunderstorms in my childhood neighbourhood seemed to like our telephone poles. Lightening struck poles at rather alarming intervals, catching them on fire which would often spread to the nearest tree. Sometimes the telephone lines would also come down and be cracking and popping electrical charge as the line lay on the ground. The lightening pole incident that had most people in my town talking for months was when the pole in the church parking lot got hit. The church roof also caught fire. Despite all this we never got to take advantage of this and roast marshmallows or skip church.

    So now it is boring in our neighbourhoods because the telephone cables are buried underground and telephone poles are much fewer in number. I haven’t found an entertainment replacement yet. Maybe I need a trip to Neergog.((((HUGS)))))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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