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    What a ride ! I was released from Rockyview Hospital here in Calgary on Monday after my second TURBT in three weeks . My symptoms started on August 30 and due to my proactive GP I had a Cystoscopy already booked on September 4 . Two weeks later the pathology report was in and it was decided to do another TURBT in hopes of a more accurate report . That was Sept. 28 . On October 3 I was called , there was a bed open in the Critical care Urology/prostate wing . On Sunday 4th the surgery was done and home I came on Monday .
    All of this happened in thirty-four days . The medical system here in Alberta worked exceptionally well and if this could have been done any faster anywhere else in the world it’d be surprising . That’s how it’s supposed to work and no complaints .
    What comes next depends on the Pathologist’s report for the second procedure . It could go either way , but it’s easier to wait knowing that the system has been working for me so well . I’ll be taken care of . Ain’t Medicare grand ?


    Wow – that was fast! Glad they got you in so quick. Now remember to take it easy for the next few weeks, and keep up the positive attitude. Wishing you good results from your report – hopefully they will be quick with that too!
    Take Care,


    Thanks Colleen ! I got lucky with the speedy treatment. Two TURBT’s in three weeks was kinda rough I’ll admit . Everything rides on the next pathology report now , but I’m neither assuming the best nor the worst . Just trying to be pragmatic .


    Hello Rick

    Really impressive. Always very reassuring when the medical system kicks in for a person. Here in Saskatchewan I have also been very impressed with how the medical system has worked for me. So much so that, if anyone bad mouths Sask Healthcare, they will get an earful from me.

    Can’t compete with the timing of yours but come close: April 17 ultrasound results indicating tumor; I was unavailable for a cysto until May 1 and that was the date booked for cysto; surgery May 12 as an add on at the end of the surgery day. Still amazes me how the system worked for me.

    Interesting: if I am reading correctly, after surgery you weren’t released until the next day; and several others have indicated a trip back to the hospital to get the catheter removed. Here in Saskatchewan one is released the day of the TURBT and provided with instructions to remove their own catheter. Kind of freaked me out but after doing it once I realized it is a piece of cake to remove a catheter. For those that have to travel far to get a catheter removed, should consider getting instructions to remove your own. I know, weird but it really is a very simple process to remove a catheter.

    Anyway, carrying on!

    Take care


    Cheryl there are enough risks of complication in a TURBT that I believe a 24 hour stay can be justified . The first day after my procedure last year things went quite wrong and required more than one trip to the ER . The tumours removed were extensive so possibly the amount of cancerous tissue could be used to predetermine one’s length of stay .


    I too, had two TURBTS here in Calgary; one in 2008 and the second in 2010. I was kept overnight both times. I just assumed that was the way it was but I’ve since learned that in most cases 12 hours is the minimum stay for day surgery if an anesetic is used. Since my surgeries were in the afternoon and I had a honking big 3 way foley catheter not the smaller kind that was to remain in for 24 hours I was grateful for the overnight stay and that it was the nurse that removed the catheter not me. There is no way that I’d go home with a catheter in as that is one procedure I’m not willing to do on myself or put on my big girl pants for.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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