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    Mark is suffering from horrible head pain. MRI and CT scan were clear, which is good. But he is in pain all day and night. Vomiting , nausea, blalance is off.
    Wish everyone didn’t live so far away. I want to be there to help him get well.
    They will be doing a spinal fluid tap tomorrow. They want to see if pressure is elevated and if so figure out what treatment . So tomorrow is a big day. Finally he talked to a good doctor, and has a caring nurse, and after my email to his stupid wife , she showed up and was with him , making sure he is well taken care of.
    (When I posted to her on Facebaook , I asked her to treat him as if she was the mommy since I can’t be there.)

    He is getting pain meds that were supposed to have been given to him starting yesterday (ignorant nurses). The doctor was not happy with the staff at all! So treatment for pain should be better now. He also told Mark that he will not release him till they know what is going on and he is as free of pain as possible.

    So better news, still upsetting, but doctors are on the ball now .


    Wow! I sure hope that it is nothing other than a wicked “bug” of some sort or just a really severe migraine. Is the spinal tap to check for meningitis?

    I’m amazed at how ignorant nurses sometimes are. When I was admitted for my emergency hysterectomy I was bleeding profusely and felt myself getting steadily weaker. I kept bugging the nurse to get something to stop the bleeding. All she did was take my pulse and say that I was OK. As a result of me laying in the ER and bleeding out for 7 hours I needed a big blood transfusion by the time I got to surgery 13 hours later. I nearly died as a result.

    Hopefully your son’s news will be good . He’s in my prayers. Keep us posted.


    Mark had his lumbar spinal tap and lab work is being done now to see
    what’s wrong and what he needs to feel better.
    Of course he wants to go home soon as possible, but I am trying to
    make sure he stays till they say he can go home.
    A bunch of pain pills might not be the answer.

    More when I find out….right now I am totaled and need a rest.

    Be back tomorrow


    Men don’t like to be held down and are more inclined to ignore health problems than women. Good thing he has you in his corner. Keep us posted.


    DIL causing grief. They are staying together for the kid…bad idea.

    He doesn’t even want to stay married.She has decided that she can tell me what I should tell my son as he is getting help from doctors. He is her top priority (as in her being a pain med addict, and not even cooking him a meal, or cleaning the house?)
    If she only knew what I know is going on between them , she would pee her pants.

    She said “Your conversation should be nothing more than I love you, ill get the scoop from others, period. I don’t mean to be harsh but now that I know what’s going on inside his head everyone needs to keep quite. All I care about right now is his frame of mind and I will get ugly if I have to.”

    Cute , huh? The %$#%^ couldn’t get any uglier. Just what I needed ….amazing


    Oh my, this is so hard. Hang in there, i hope he gets a clear diagnosis and the right treatment soon.
    take care,



    IT is tough when our child’s spouse/partner is causing issues. I have a friend with the same problem and it hurts her as much as it does the son. I also have a friend staying in an abusive marriage supposedly “for the sake of the kids”. I’ve told her several times to get to a decent lawyer and she does have a decent job and only one kid that is financially dependent and a teenager at that so even though it would be work it would be worth the peace of mind and personal safety. I told her to live in peace would be much better than staying in such a toxic situation but she’s too scared to go. Another neighbour of ours got smart. She has two tiny kids and left her hubby this fall suddenly one day. I suspected that that was an abusive situation as well as she went around with a bandaged up arm for months and I always heard the kids crying a lot. All I can say is good for her.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the marriage stress is causing your son’s health issues. Keep us posted.


    hope mark is feeling better –
    your dil needs a big smack!!! ugh


    Son is home, and called today,but sounds lousy. I am getting nervous about it. But was so nice that he called and didn’t listen to his crazy wife and cousin(she got her into the stuff too!)
    Nothing I can do. But wait till he calls or see if I can call without his wife giving him grief. He does not need that , so think I will wait.

    Hardest thing I been through since hubby was diagnosed incurable. Life is sure tough lately.


    Jeanne, sorry to hear about Mark. I think his wife is the cause of the headache. But let’s rule out meningitis and migraines first. Then rule her out.



    He still has awful head pain and nausea with vertigo type balance problems.
    Does Migraine cause all this?

    I have done as much as a mother can do with a 44 year old son.
    Of course ,I don’t know much ,,,so why even give advice. But I give it anyway since I know what I am talking about. He needs a specialist weeks ago, but oh no…let’s just pop pain pills and go to ER now and then ARGHHHHHHHH!!!

    I’ve finally decided to be here for him, no more advice, no more “can we come to your place and help”, no more of anything but hi, hope you are better, let us know if we can help. Otherwise I will have a meltdown.

    He’s 44…did all I can do


    You’re right Jeanne. You have done all you can do. I have tried to “advise” my kids on various things but in a lot of cases I have just had to adopt a “hands off” policy. It is very hard to do but sometimes we have to just let life teach our kids. That hurts us too, knowing our kids will suffer due to their stupidiity, negligence or whatever. He could be in denial about what is actually happening with his health too. As long as he knows that the door is open for him to talk if and when he feels it necessary then there isn’t any need for you to be involved. It is not worth the stress to you. Sometimes I think that we take on too much and forget that our kids are adults and capable of looking after themselves. After all as you said he is 44. (((HUGS))) Been there done that.


    You did all you can do, Jeanne. Now it’s a matter of letting him know you are there for him and praying. And yes, migraines can do all that.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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