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    A couple made a deal that whomever died first would come back and inform the other if there is sex after death although their biggest fear was that there was no after-life at all. After a long life together, on a warm spring night, the husband passed away. True to his word, a few months later, he made the first contact:

    “Marion … Marion…. ”
    “Is that you, Bob?”
    “Yes, I’ve come back like we agreed.”
    “That’s wonderful! What’s it like?”

    “Well, I get up in the morning and have sex. I have breakfast and then it’s off to the golf course. I have sex again, bathe in the warm sun and then have sex a couple of more times. Then I have lunch; (you’d be proud – lots of greens). Another romp around the golf course, then pretty much have sex the rest of the afternoon. After supper, it’s back to golf course again. Then it’s more sex until late at night. I catch some much needed sleep and then the next day it starts all over again.”

    “Oh, Bob are you in Heaven?”

    “No…I’m a rabbit in Saskatchewan


    Got to have a laugh some days ! LOL


    LOL!!!!! You sure you’re not Canadian, eh? What a laugh! Thanks, you made my day!

    As a side note we have a lot of feral bunnies in Canmore about 1 hour west of Calgary. Some wing-nut let a few pet bunnies go and well you can guess the rest….Maybe they are returnees from heaven as well? 😛


    LOL!!! Thanks for the post!!! Here’s to a future in bunnies 🙂


    Yes, of course.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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