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    Participant collab rev.pdf

    Cut and paste, if necessary.

    Complications of one sort or another seem to afflict many of us in the recovery period from an RC. This article (from Europe) is not intended to make anyone fearful, but to educate so that potential complications can be minimized.
    For example:
    1. make sure you are at a high volume hospital
    2. make sure your uro-onc does a lot of RCs per year
    3. make sure the hospital is up to speed on post op care
    4. when you suspect an issue, seek treatment earlier rather than later

    Participant collab rev.pdf

    For some reason the process of posting the link cut off the last part of the link so the above will not work. Please add after Lawrentschuk the following:

    collab rev.pdf

    Or hopefully when I click “submit post” this time the above link qwill actually copy as written.


    Nope, it screwed it up again. OK here’s what I’m trying to advise with no help from my computer. The link includes after Lawrentschuk the following:

    the sign for percentage and the number twenty, then collab, then the percenttage sign and number 20, then rev.pdf

    If some computer whiz can tell me why my post will not display whatit shows me, I’ll be delighted.


    Don’t worry Greg, all I did was select and copy your line above and it brought me to the article no problem. collab rev.pdf

    I’m no expert but I used the and entered the hyperlink in there. It still doesn’t show the percent signs but it works so go with it. 🙂



    Oops…I spoke too soon. It doesn’t work as a hyperlink still. You have to copy and paste the full line into your browser and it takes you there.

    Go figure. I tried. I’m sure we can all manage the copy and paste option. Well, most of us anyway.

    Thanks for the link Greg.



    Well we do appreciate your efforts, Greg, no matter how futile they may be. Go get some tequila and everything will be fine in the morning.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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