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    I am gravely concerned. I know what stretching is but there are some things to which I do not believe allows for its use. Like a “stretch limousine”. Really, you just don;t pull a vehicle in apposing directions and stretch it. A rubber band, sure. And a “stretch of the imagination” (which is what this is) is ridiculous. I mean, how does one go about stretching something that has no matter (no molecule, electrons, mass, photons, neutrons, etc.)? Some people will stretch, or try to stretch, anything but they call it “augmentation” . You know, like the pill for guys that augment or strectch a specific appendage. Some things on the market actually, well, that’s a differnet story. Anyway, I got this idea about stretching from Greg. the bottom line is that I need some help with this whole nutty stretching idea. It defies my imagination how so many people feel that some things can be stretched, like the way I stretched out this post which may well be removed by someone I know who plays golf and stretches the truth about his score.



    Kiowa, you are certainly stretching the truth a little. I do not think I gave you any ideas about stretching. Shrinking, maybe…retching maybe…sketching perhaps. I know we need to expand our thinking a little at times, but how does one do that?

    What about a stretch of road: Is that possible? Love to see that in action.
    Even lying on a stretcher in the hospital now makes me a little nervous. What exactly are they going to stretch?
    I guess it is a bit of a stretch to expect anyone else to enter this conversation, but can anyone shed light on this (however one sheds light!).


    Jack Moon

    You need to stretch prior to golfing to insure you do not hurt yourself while hurling your club into the woods.
    Golf scores are only a result of how many attempts you had at getting the ball in the hole. Why would you want to stretch your score and even make it higher. You would want to un-stretch it to make the score lower.
    Golf Stretcher


    I’ve had to stretch the budget over the years to feed four hungry growing boys that also needed braces, car insurance and university tuition all in one go. I was grateful that the dollar never snapped. Somebody up there made sure the elastic dollar had enough give to it.

    Marysue, BOM (Bank of Mom)


    Only Jack could come up with the “un-stretch” idea. Doesn’t he ever get his mind off golf?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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