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    Hello, this is Jackie, been a long time since I’ve posted. Crazy life but what’s new?
    Update on Craig, we are now over 3 years since first diagnosis. Last summer we decided, after a lot of reading and research, to go with a low fat plant based – aka Vegan – diet. Mostly – we do still grab something different once in a while. At Craig’s check-up last month, his cysto was all clear again. Also, his PSA was down to normal. This after being very high (doc wanted to remove prostate and would have if he didn’t have to go through the bladder to get to it) and finding some cancerous cells 2 years ago in biopsy. biopsy a year ago found nothing, and now his PSA is normal. so we watch 2 cancers, and do what we can.
    his cholesterol and blood pressure are also under control now as well. Craig has lost over 30 pounds, I’ve lost 10 or 12. We are not watching how much we eat, just what we eat. So to be honest, we eat a lot. But no refined starches or sugars, and very little fat. Brown rice, whole wheat. learning to cook with Quinoa, beans, etc.
    Frankly, we’ve always been foodies, now we have a whole new world to play with and we eat really well. (crazy good recipes on
    Craig had back surgery a couple months ago due to having bone spurs in his spine that were impinging on the nerve… that is healing well and he is able to walk and do things he hadn’t been able to do much of before. Still healing but looking good!

    One never knows with Bladder Cancer so hard to say we know if it will come back or if the diet is making a difference. The Prostate cancer, though, does seem to be responding well – going away – and his Oncologic Urologist has said that research is with us that a plant based diet is associated with lower prostate cancer risk.

    Take care all,


    What wonderful news Jackie! I too, believe that diet can make a world of difference. My hubby and I have really revamped our diet in the last several months. We do a lot of what you’ve done except for the starches. Hubby is Type 2 diabetic and we have discovered that insulin doesn’t really control his blood sugar very well. If he leaves as much starch out of his diet as possible then his blood sugar readings are generally in normal range. I hope that when he goes for his prostate check next month we will see a difference in that too. I’m the one that had bladder cancer but have really increased the nutritional value of my diet. My thinking was/is that it obviously would hurt and hopefully would help keep my immune system high after all the BCG I did in 2010-11. I’m over 3 years clear so something is definitely going right. I too, stay away from processed foods as much as possible and try to incorporate a lot of raw foods in my diet too. Here’s to hoping. Keep in touch and best wishes on a continued road to good health.


    Marysue, thanks!.
    re: low carbs… i’m not sure if it will help but we saw low carb um tofu noodles the other day so I hunted them up because one of my brothers in law has diabetes..
    We haven’t tried them but might be worth a shot. And REALLY low carbs, like 3 per serving. OK I know there isn’t a food sold that calls something a ‘serving’ that an actual person could call a serving, but…. ; )


    Great news Jackie. Welcome back.


    Educational reading on a low carb diet from Mayo Clinic.


    Great to have you back, Jackie. Glad Craig is doing well. I guess he’ll be going diving with us right? Well maybe after I have my back surgery. I have a bone spur that wants to make love with my spinal cord as well as spinal stenosis. I am trying to avoid the surgery but the pain is pretty bad now and I can’t do much except harass Greg. But I guess that’s good enough. My regards to Craig. I could use some good vegan meals and my wife and I are veg and fruit lovers anyway. Maybe you could post some for us? Glad things are going well.



    Spinal Stenosis – that is exactly what Craig had. his surgery went very well, and it is SO NICE to have him walking again. I’ll post his vegan chili recipe in off topic – it is wonderful! Another interesting trick – you can make frozen dessert – ‘vegan ice cream – easily. cut 3 bananas into about 1 inch pieces. freeze. put into a food processor with whatever. if the bananas aren’t super ripe you won’t really taste the banana.

    try this one – Mexican hot chocolate ‘ice cream’.
    3 large bananas, cut into 1-inch pieces and frozen overnight
    2 tablespoons chocolate almond milk
    Seeds from 1 split vanilla bean
    2 tablespoons cacao powder
    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    What You Do:

    In a food processor, add all ingredients. Process for 1 to 2 minutes to break up banana. Scrape down sides and process until bananas turn into a soft-serve consistency, repeating as needed. Serve immediately.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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