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    My family doctor’s office faxed me a copy of the biopsy report. They had already told me that there were no malignancies, so I do not have bladder cancer. Awesome news. I had prepared myself for a diagnosis of CIS. I know that most tumours and lesions in the bladder turn out to be cancer, and that I am very fortunate.

    The report reads:
    “consists of 2 fragments of tan-pink tissue, each measuring 0.2 cm in greatest dimension. The specimen is submitted in toto in a single cassette.”

    Bladder biopsy:
    -Benign urothelium
    -Negative for dysplasia or malignancy

    I am wondering what the lesions are then, that present as red velvety patches and cause symptoms of anemia, microscopic hematuria, a couple of incidences of visible blood, and increased frequency and urgency of urination.

    I have had no pain, no signs of infection, have had no injury to the bladder, no prior treatments, never had a bladder infection or UTI.

    Just the patches that look and act like CIS but aren’t CIS. No papillary growths detected.

    I have googled benign urothelium and it seems that could be a number of things, none of which seem to fit the description of the lesions or my symptoms.

    I have a follow up appointment with my urologist on March 21st so will see what he has to say or what, if anything, he recommends we should do about the lesions.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences you can share would be appreciated.


    I really think you need to calm down a little to save yourself as much unnecessary stress as possible. I noticed that you are also communicating with BCAN as well as searching the internet for medical explanations. I did similar things when I was in your position, and it really didn’t help. Ultimately, it just drove me to a prescription for Ativan.
    The 21st is only about a week away. As frustrating as it is, try to focus on other things or activities that can take your mind off your health issues. Try to find a positive in your life that can be disassociated from your BC worries. Try to relax. Everyone on this site knows that the waiting and the not knowing are the worst parts of the whole experience. Easier said than done, I know, but do try.

    Speaking from experience and with concern,


    Hi heartcat:

    Congrats on the good news. I second what Sue is saying. The 21st is just a week away so you will hopefully have some clues soon. Since the good news is that you don’t have bladder cancer, I would think (hopefully) whatever those lesions are they are relatively harmless. Sometimes our bodies do grow weird things. Your only concern now is to find out if the situation needs any further treatment.

    My hubby discovered that he had unexplained lesions on his prostate when he was being investigated for possible prostate cancer. They were biopsied and the results were negative for cancer. We don’t have an answer for what exactly they are or what caused them. The doctor said they didn’t need to be treated in any way.

    I have a benign cyst in my left kidney. My GP and the radiologist that discovered it, both told me that it was benign and not the type of cyst that would do me harm or ever turn cancerous so it didn’t need to be treated. I had a hard time believing them and thought that my fears were founded when I passed my first visible blood in my urine. So, I got really surprised when I found out that the cyst was still the same as always and the actual diagnosis was bladder cancer.

    My body has a history of growing cysts, stones, warts, abcesses and tumours. The only ones of concern were the bladder tumours. Why does my body do that? I don’t know. I was anxious about it for a long time but have finally learned to accept that everyone’s body is unique and that is what is unique about mine. I used to worry that I was lacking something or doing something that was causing it. All I’ve done is take vitamins, eat better, exercise more and reduce my personal stress. That is all I can do to try to stay healthy. It seems to have helped because other than a dental abcess a few months ago, nothing new has appeared.

    As Sue said, the waiting times for diagnosis, office visits, checkups etc. are the most difficult part of dealing with this disease. She gave good advice…slow down and take a deep breath. Keep busy with some fun stuff to distract yourself.

    The main thing is that you don’t have bladder cancer….Celebrate!! Good luck on the 21st. Take care. (((((HUGS))))


    Sue, I actually am calm, not stressed or worried at all. I anticipate that the visit with the urologist will be brief, so I just want to make sure I have an understanding of what this ‘might’ be and perhaps a bit of background so anything he says makes a bit more sense, and so that I can ask appropriate questions. I apologize if it seems insensitive or annoying to be posting, considering that people here have actual cancer diagnoses and more serious issues to deal with.

    I am not a worrier by nature, and since I got the good news, there is really nothing to worry about. I am more curious and want to make sure nothing gets missed and that I am as prepared as I can be for my appointment. Still watching my favourite t.v. shows, going out for dinner with hubby, doing my photography, and having fun with life. 🙂 But I appreciate the concern. Getting up to pee five times a night is getting annoying, though!

    Marysue, I am glad that your husband does not have prostate cancer. I am sorry for your diagnosis, but hope that you are doing well.

    Thanks, ladies!


    Hey heartcat

    Did ur Urologist say what those patches were?. I am 37 years old make non smoker and having microscopic hematuria from 2017. In feb 2017 it was 0.3mg/l erythrocytes. April 2018 it was r2 mg/l and till yesterday it’s same 2mg/l. I have no pain or burning sensation during Pee but I do feel the urge of peeing if I think about it( hope you understand what I mean) During these 3 years I did few ultrasound of kidney and bladder and it came back negative along with the urine culture. Finally my new family doctor sent me to a Urologist for a cystoscopy. O before this she also ordered a urine cytology and it came negative. When I was getting my cystoscopy, the Urologist saw some red patches and took picture of it and said that lets do another cystoscopy in 6 months. I asked him about the red patches and he said sometimes if we don’t treat a uti it can make the bladder wall inflamed and that’s why you see these patches(actually he said blood vessels). He also said that very rarely it can be CIS. My question is that if not cancer what are these patches and should I wait for another 6 months or ask the Urologist to do the biopsy ASAP. I was wondering if your Urologist explained u about the patches? And did he say what can be done to stop the patches from growing and stop the hematuria. I am loosing my mind and very worried as I have 2 small kids age 5 and 6. If anyone else can answer my question I would really appreciate it

    thank u



    I just joined this forums don’t know what BBCodes mean?


    Hello Anish,

    I am going to start by giving you the advice Sue gave HeartCat and that is to try not to worry.  Given your age, and the prognosis from your Urologist, I would say you should not be worrying.  Bladder Cancer is typically an older (55 yrs and up) person’s disease.  To give you peace of mind, review your concerns with your Urologist and insist on the Biopsy and see what he says.

    All the best with you and please keep us posted.

    My Best,

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