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    My husband is going to have his bladder replaced in the next month due to the cancer having become muscle invasive.

    Is there any comments from someone that has had their prostate removed a few years prior to a reconstruction and if so what type of diversion did they select?

    Also any comments regarding how they feel that this time about their decision.

    He wants to make new informed decision.


    When I was diagnosed in September 2013, stage 3 evasive and aggressive tumors on the wall of the bladder, I was told I had no choice the bladder must be removed and the prostate also. I took time to decide between a neo bladder or an ileal conduit. I did some research and I decided to choose the conduit, its easier and most common. The surgery is normally performed by an urologist/surgeon.
    Surgery time between 5 to 7 hours. Mine took 5 hours and 15 minutes. It is considered a major surgery. Surgery went very well, I spent 6 days in the hospital.
    Home recovery took 7 weeks. It is a new lifestyle to carry an external bag, I also have an overnight bag. I sleep must better.

    There are pros and cons to both neobladder and conduit, do your research. I see you are from St Catharines, most of my in laws are from the Garden City. In fact I went to the emergency at NHS for 3 days in September 2013. Best of luck to your husband. My wife was very supportive and now it is all behind me. I am taking 5 weeks of radiation. ROCK


    Thanks Rock. Is it fair to say that you are currently satisfied with the decision you made?

    When did you have the surgery?

    How long after surgery before you started radiation?

    What was your experience like at NHS? Ours has been less than satisfactory.

    The surgery will take place in Toronto at the Toronto General with which we have been satisfied since moving there in 2010.

    Thanks for your reply


    I am very satisfy with the. Choice I made. I am used to the external bag. My surgery was done 26 May 2014. I started pelvic radiation in Sep. All the SCANs WERE NEGATIVE FOR TUMORS, It has been a long ordeal. NHS. Performed a cisco nothing was found!! 3 weeks later my Ottawa family doctor called me she received some report FROM NHS about some abnormal cells. I saw the urologist he performed a Cisco and found many tumors. NHS missed it they never saw tumors when they performed a cisto!!. ROCK


    That is frightening. I have been telling a friend with cancer to go to Hamilton Cancer Centre. This story just confirms it. We will drive the extra 50 minutes to Toronto General unfortunately even for minor things.

    thanks Rock


    It definitely is something that needs to be done, but in the end it is what saves his life that counts. I have not had my bladder removed but there was a time when I came very very close to having to make that decision so I worked diligently on researching it and making a decision which I fortunately didn’t need to implement. The bottom line is that I had chosen the ilea’ conduit. It is different for everyone but my thinking was that I would not have as complicated a surgery, I would not have to deal with having part of my intestines removed to form the neo and that in itself is a separate operation. I also found that having the ileal does not impair or restrict lifestyle all that much. You can swim, climb mountains, etc. etc. And I would’t have to worry about going to the bathroom. It is not as biologically more conforming, but it works, it is concealable and it it is less complicated. You are quite right in researching all this and I commend you with helping your Dad. It is a big decision but it is doable. Best wished to him and to you and the family.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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