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    Please pray for me. Today is SUPERBOWL Sunday!.

    Today is great: I will be with my wife’s sister and husband and two good friends to eat drink and watch the Superbowl. There is nothing like love, family, friends, food and spirits. But I want the San Francisco 49’ers to win. Only because everyone thinks the Ravens are going to win.


    Jack Moon

    What is a super bowl? Does it look like a supper bowl or is it a super supper bowl? Maybe the field is shaped like a bowl? Football can be very confusing.
    San Fran by 13.


    Guarantee that Coach J. Harbaugh’s team will win!



    Very clevar Gregory. There is, as you well know, Jim and John. So you can’t possibly be wrong if you say J. Harbrough will win. But I am thinking that Jim will win. His brother John may not be pleased though. The 49ers will win and Jack, it’s a toilet bowl actually. It goes to cra* every year. I have no earthly idea why they call it a bowl actually. But I’m sure Greg or Marysue or Jeanne or someone will look it up on the web.

    It’s only 80 degrees out here. It will probably snow later tonight. But not here. Maybe in Toronto.


    Sorry Kiowa but the Ravens pulled it off.


    I knew Ravens would win…hubby’s whole family bet the 49ers, so I didn’t dare bet on the Ravens. lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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