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    As you know we have be missing some of our favourite contributors on this site for a bit. I did get a reply from Kiowa. He is still under the weather with various health issues not cancer related. Lets keep praying for him to recover and give us a crazy story.


    Sending only good vibes to Texas as we speak. Hope things look up for you soon Kiowa. We are thinking of you.

    Mike and Monique


    Well, actually I had to go to my home planet for a conference on the viability of allowing them to trade with us. It was determined that since they don’t play fair they would not be allowed to to to Neergog.

    Just prior to that I got something I had not gotten in at least 12 years. No, not that. No such luck. I got a horrible virus and that is putting it rather mildly. Yeah, imagine the worse of the drama experienced of every orifice of the human body. And some internal orifices as well, such as bronchial tubes, Eustachian tubes and yes, some other tubes. I didn’t die but was hoping I would. Yeah, it was that bad. Took a few weeks even to acknowledge that I actually had a pulse. Since I could not eat or drink for several days my seizure meds never made it to their destination. In the ER and then later another ER. Then the chest pain, difficulty breathing and you can imagine the rest. My colon cancer surgery was a nice cruise in the Bahamas compared to all that c…. and other fluids known, unknown and not yet discovered. Then I did the unimaginable (which is usually all the time for me anyway) and worked a number of back to back shifts for the P.D. (no, that does not mean post death, it means police department. But then was actually OK until my allergies put me down rather than my vet. And I refuse to talk about work since I’ll be 65 April 7th (remember that date!). Anyway, I am alive, not well but alive. I didn’t mention that my MS reared it’s ugly **** from its occasional remission and looks like it is here to stay. the pain has been pretty out outrageous, even for me because I am the one who usually delivers the pain.

    I have not avoided CBCAN and my cherished friends. Really. I missed you all a lot. I even missed myself a lot and that is weird. Anyway that’s how I ended in Neergog, for treatments the like of which are proprietary. Sorry.

    I do miss all of you and I think I am now able to help all of you try to understand and cope with Greg, my arch enema, I mean nemesis.

    Thanks everyone for your prayers and wonderful friendship. None of the above was cancer related fortunately.

    Love you all



    He’s back. Our friend with the verbal diarrhoea (and apparently the other kind as well!). What a relief – I mean having Kiowa back, not the relief from the…well you know what I mean. I guess not taking your meds adds new meaning to the term “carpe diem” (I know that’s a bad joke and if it were not Kiowa, I would not say it, clever though it might be!!!). By the way, we are not CBCAN anymore but BCC. Don’t worry it only recently changed – in 2011. Of course, it’s nearly been that long since we heard from you and we were really quite worried about you. As far as having a pulse, your wife has confirmed she is still not sure you do. And she also confirms that indeed you have been a pain – I mean in pain.
    Bottom line (and I speak carefully about the bottom since I am your arch enema) is that we truly missed you and are glad you are back. Please take good care of yourself and be well. You are a cherished friend even though we have never met in person.

    Jack Moon

    Happy to have you back my friend.
    Hoping you are soon back to yourself.
    God bless,


    Oh yeah, BCC. Space ship lag from Neergog. Actually we don;t call them space ships. I don;t recall what we call them.

    thanks for missing me. Seriously (and I rarely am) I am truly grateful to all my friends. I’ll try to take care of myself but admittedly I do push myself a bit too hard. How does one push him or her self? You know, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I that because when I had diarrhea, well you know. I fell in love with the bath room ceiling. Am I making sense? Of course not.


    Well, I am glad I was away during your absence. One less thing to worry about. Hope you are feeling better. Welcome back.

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