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    I am seeing my family doctor next week about possibly having a pelvic floor dysfunction. Until about a about a week ago I did not know that such a thing existed but while reading posts on another site one poster mentioned it and the pain that it was causing. That is when the light came on I was having the same symptoms and pain.
    This is probably what is causing most if not all of my pain and discomfort.
    I have not been going through the medical system for long but I am amazed at how much information is not offered or given. This problem is apparently quite common and yet it was never mentioned by anyone. After my first operation I was given an irrigation kit to go home with but it wasn’t until the home care nurse came two days later that I was shown how to properly irrigate. Is it just me or is the lack of info a common thing?


    Not sure if it is common all across Canada, but as a general rule, I would suggest that at a major cancer centre and teaching hospital there is probably a better conduit of information. In some of the smaller centres it appears that those who should know may not – and if they do know they may not be sharing as much. There is also so much information about bladder cancer, its treatments, its complications, its different issues, etc. that there is no possible way a doctor anywhere could cover it all. Still, it would be great to have a standard of care post RC that every patient gets across the country. Stay tuned. It might be coming, though nothing happens quickly. Constipation is common for sure after an RC, but not every case of constipation would qualify as pelvic floor dysfunction I would guess.
    Here is helpful link:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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