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    So this morning went much better than I had anticipated. After a smooth TURBT on June 13 (see my post) and two weeks of holidays at the cottage I was one day back at the office before I received my path report this morning. Results were that my tumour was a low grade “Ta” papillary carcinoma. I realize this isn’t the absolute best outcome but I will happily take it with grace and many thanks.

    My urologist reminded me that there is still a 50% recurrence rate despite the single dose Mitomycin C after the TURBT, but he tells me they often return within the first year. For the time being, I will enjoy some much needed rest until my October follow up.

    In speaking with my GP (he has had stomach cancer twice), he highly suggests increasing my vitamin C levels as this apparently aids the bladder in maintaining itself and boosting its immunity. It can’t hurt right?

    What are your thoughts/suggestions?


    A number of people take vitamin D for sure.

    Jack Moon

    Good news Eddie, like the sound of low grade.
    I personally started taking Vit D in 2007. No recurrences in over 5 years.
    All the best,


    Thank you Gentlemen,

    Jack, what is your vit D intake per day?

    Jack Moon

    Hi Eddie

    I use gel tablets 1,000 units daily in summer and 2,000 units daily in Spring, Fall, and Winter.

    Kari Rud

    We think Vit C is very important.
    My husband (patient) and I (caregiver) each take 1000 mg per day.
    This amount can be taken as a tablet, but if you want to take a lot more than that, you might want to avoid the “filler” of a tablet and go straight to powdered ascorbic acid. I think it’s 1/4 teaspoon = 1000 mg but your doctor will know. This tiny amount, free of any fillers, can be stirred into a glass of juice, probably more than once per day if you wish.

    We also take Vit E in 400 IU. capsules, Vit D (1000 mg), occasional dandelion tea (currently being researched as to any possible role in preventing recurrence of cancer though not specifically bladder cancer, so far as I know).

    I also serve a lot of lightly steamed, fresh organic broccoli; also organic non-fat unsweetened yoghurt, with frozen blueberries and strawberries, as well as organic cashews, walnuts etc.- liberally sprinkled with cinnamon (known for anti-inflammatory properties). Some of this does not go over very well (as bacon burgers and carrot cake might be seen as more fun to eat) but I persevere.

    Best of luck to you,

    Claire (in Calgary)


    Definitely increase your Vitamin D and C. My D was very low when my tumour showed up on the scene. Years later I am seeing a naturopath, changed my diet to healthier living (more alkaline), exercising more, getting proper rest. I am doing everything I can possibly do to ensure that I remain in the group of ALL CLEARS!


    Thanks very much for the feedback everyone!!

    It seems that I’m following the right path. I’ve increased my vitamin C and D. I take 2000mg of C via supplements and that excludes food…etc. I also take 1000UI of D via supplements during the summer and will bump that up to 2000UI come winter time.



    Lots of Vitamin D here for hubby’s cancer and mine.
    So happy you got a low grade diagnosis ! Yippppie Doooooo!

    hugs , Jeanne


    Yes, definitely lots of D and C and eating healthy, except don;t eat Jeanne’s pasta sauce.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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