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    Hi all, I spent all last summer recovering from my Radical Cystectomy, and getting used to my neobladder. So sitting on the couch looking out the front window and getting up enough gumption for my 3x daily walk around the block (as opposed to the 10x daily trip to the bathroom) were my main concerns! This July, my wife and I have planned to be away for three weeks in Britain and Europe. Any advice regarding travel insurance, how to answer questions, things to think about? Not anticipating any probs, as self cathing a couple of times a week is going well. Advice? Hints?


    I would look very carefully into a policy to make sure that they cover any “pre-existing” conditions so if you do face any issues while abroad you know that you are covered. I suggest that you discuss the bladder RC thing with any broker you deal with regarding this.


    Malcolm had his neo bladder surgery May 2011, followed by 4 cycles of chemotherapy which were completed by September 2011.
    We started extended travelling in 2013..and leave on another trip tomorrow!

    Planes: we sit at the very back (or as close as possible) to be close to the toilet…this avoids any line-ups.
    Car travel: Malcolm has an app on his phone that identifies the nearest public toilet. (Toilet Finder)

    Health Insurance…TD insurance (our regular, annual travel insurance)
    Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance (Travel Guard)

    2 washable bed protectors
    number of travel nights + extra Depends
    daytime guards
    small garbage bags

    We explain the need for toilet use to flight attendants
    On cruises, we share our needs to the room steward
    All have been understanding, wonderful and go out of their way ensuring Malcolm’s comfort.

    Happy to answer any questions!



    My biggest concern would be how to get through security!



    Hope your trip is enjoyable , Gwj. Also you leva 🙂 Sounds wonderful to treat yourselves to a fun time.

    Ki, forget it…you would never be able to get through security…..they have heard about you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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