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    Hope all goes well today, Terry, assuming the RC is still on schedule for today. hang in there.


    Hi everyone I’m back home and on the mend. My surgical choice was a Neo,
    but do to complications, from meshing because of previous hernia
    operations, I now have Ileal conduit. I’m ok with this because l still here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So far all is going well, l won’t be dancing for a few days though


    Hi Terry, glad to hear that you are home and comfortable with the final outcome. Please take good care of yourself over the next few weeks. Remember – when it comes to recovering from an RC, slow and steady wins the race.


    Welcome back Terry and like Zina happy to hear you’re home and feeling comfortable. Take care.

    G and M

    Terry, glad to hear your surgery went well and you are on the mend. Best of luck with your recovery.



    I thank everyone for your support, week one has been results
    Say l’m cancer free.My surgeon took eveything he needed to and thats ok !!!!!!!
    I feel I’m ajusting to being a ostomate, reasonably well.My freinds are helping
    as well, they fell my new nick name should be TWOBAGS (lol) thats to funny

    Jack Moon

    Great news Terry!!


    Great news! Do take it slow and steady – allow yourself time to heal – Ieva


    Hi Terry: I am so glad that you are home and I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best.


    Hi Terry,

    Good to hear your home, recovery can be challenging, sometimes the days seem the same for awhile, my husbands surgery was Sept. 14th, 2008, he is still cancer free, he has the bag as well, he would have liked to have the neo , but being he has heart issues it was not a good choice for him… today and for the last 6 years he doesn’t mind the bag at all, he golfs swims, whatever he wants to do…..strength was his biggest issue, it took a few months but we got thru with the patience it takes to just listen to your body and not push to hard……he had lost 30 pounds from day of diagnosis till surgery, mostly nerves, chocolate milk shakes helped, plus a nice diet of wholesome foods and remembering to take his docolax to help with bowel issues that most have post op…..
    Wishing you well in your recovery, everyday is a better day, it all works out!!! Congrat’s on a successful surgery…..!!


    Yes l’m finding my brain , wants to move at high speed , but my body lets me know
    That it must be slow and steady. I’m still tring to ajust to sleeping with the night bag. W’ve had one bag leak, the bag its’ self came apart . This too has been expected , one moment, one day and one week at a time.l’m blessed to have all of yous’ in my world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well I guess I’ll see you on the dance floor then. Congrats on the good outcome. I don;t have an ileal but if a bladder removal is ever needed that’s what I would go with. I sure would miss my prostate though-or maybe not. Good luck, No dancing after mid night tonight.



    Hi everyone
    Everything is processing well, there are some sore spots yet .
    I, ve sourced local supplies, and ostomy support groups.The largest challange
    is to just accept what is.There are little changes to think about, like making sure
    you know were the washrooms are everywhere you go.I have a new appreciation
    for pregnant woman!!!!!!.


    Terry, you may already have found it, but Ostomy Canada has a semi-annual magazine for ostomates and you may benefit from ideas, etc. Take it slow and steady. Soon you’ll be ready to take on the world.


    When it comes to an RC there is no such thing and bravery or chicken. all one can do is to gather as much information as possible in the time frame aloowed and then make an informed decision. There is no wrong decision. Once made no ne should look back. Go on with life. I recall many years ago (and I’m only 7 years old!) a Times magazine I was reading at a medical center while interning. One full page show a huge image of Caterpillar huge “Huff” their big green mining tractor. At the top of the page in bold but medium size letters it said “there are no simple solutions”. Ah the bottom of the page it said in smaller print, “only intelligent decisions”. That always stuck with me. Go for the most intelligent decision for you based on all the information you can get and then go with it. It is a highly personal choice, and remember that the goal remains the same – to be cancer free. Good and prayers to you,


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 80 total)
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