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    Hello Everyone! I’m Leslie and I am a 26 year old female that’s been dealing with chronic pain and urinary symptoms for 9-12 months now. I’ve been to several doctors and finally had an ultrasound on bladder which showed my bladder wall was 9-11mm thick. That lead me to a urologist that recommended I have a cystoscope done to check everything out. I had three lab tests done previous and there was no UTI or any kind of infection.The week of my cystoscopy, I had a urinalysis micro/ reflux(not sure I named that right) and it showed no sign of infection but I had a large amount of blood in my urine. My RBCs were 25-50, WBCs 0-5, Epi Cells-UR 10-25 and Occult BLD-UR result said “Large”. Everything else looked normal. When I went to have the cystoscopy done, they also wanted to do a retrograde pyelogram. I had the procedure and had a few complications with the anesthesia but I was ok until the night. I had a good amount of bleeding for the next 24 hours and several blood clots. I began having severe pains in my flank area and in my lower abdomen. I ended up at the hospital and they did a CT scan which showed no kidney stones but my bladder was thick and my right kidney is really swollen. They told me to go to my urologist immediately. I do not have the report from the procedure yet but from what I remember the nurse saying is that he didn’t do a biopsy but if he didn’t, then why do I have so much bleeding. Sorry for this long message, all of this has happened within 9 days : from referral to urologist, to cystoscopy/retrograde pyelogram, to swollen kidney and blood in urine. Anyone have any idea or information? There’s not too much that this can be besides bladder cancer from what I have been told with the absent of infections.


    Not sure if my other post went through. In any event, I think there was nothing to biopsy. If the bladder showed no indications of redness, spots or anything else then likely a biopsy would not be done. I am not sure what a thick wall means. If that is the case then it may just be a normal variation. Ultrasounds can be helpful but they won;t show cancer, that’s why a cystouroscopy was done. Whenever those are done there is almost always some bleeding so I expect that is normal;. Follow up on the occult blood that was found though. That could be from a number of causes. Thanks for posting and keep us informed. Best of luck to you.



    Thank you for your response! I actually just spoke with the nurse and they took a few biopsies of my bladder. They want me to come in today to speak with the Urologist about my labs and what he thinks is going on. I’m a little nervous but that’s to be expected. A normal bladder wall is usually <5mm at its thickest and you aren't suppose to have heavy bleeding after that procedure. Hopefully they will tell me what's going on today. My symptoms have gotten worst since last night and my doctor seems to be pretty concern about what's causing all this. Thank you for your response again and I will update when I hear more!


    Thank you for the info. We vever stop learning about things thanks to members like you. I had never heard of a thick bladder wall. Glad you are following up. Definitely need to know what’s going on. Please keep us informed. My very best to you.



    Hello Lsmith

    Wow, I can relate to where your stress levels are right now! Been there, done that. Blood sent me to the emergency room, After two years of spotting, this was full fledge deep red urine. The words “bladder cancer” came up. Stress, stress, stress. Ultrasound done and report was “large mass” with “indications are malignant”. New level of stress arrived that I never knew could exist. Cystoscopy confirmed cancer. Stress levels gone. I then knew for sure what I was dealing with. New stress level: cancer. Research, research, and stress levels went sky high again. All the sites I went to were real downers and left me thinking my bladder would be gone immediately and I would be dead in a month or so. Then I found this site. Stress levels greatly reduced.

    Should your doctor confirm cancer, welcome but sorry to welcome you.

    Very important to do: take a deep breath or two or three or four; have yourself a good cry and don’t begrudge yourself this; hug those you love; cry again if needed; spend time with those that are important to you; cry again; then find something to laugh at. Then you will start to heal.

    Now, get done from those rafters and no more swinging from them. This wastes way too much time and energy and is completely unproductive except for the sore muscles, splinters and headaches from banging your head on the ceiling. Unless this is your preferred style of living.

    Take care

    Rick B


    Sorry to hear of your bladder complications…hoping everything is coming along. Sometimes the discomforts we have are not always fully explained because of the body’s tendency to just react. However, it sounds like you are in good hands and that is a good thing.

    Best wishes for a favorable outcome…keep us in the loop.

    God Bless.


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