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    I got home from surgery last week and took out my catheter this morning.  My surgeon gave me instructions after the surgery.  I’ve tried 3 times already today and I can’t pee for the life of me!  Has anyone else had this problem?




    Hi Karen,

    I’m confused. I had two catheters to flush out twice daily for 3 weeks after getting home with from my neobladder surgery. Then it was back to the hospital for the dye test to check for leaks before they removed the catheters. Then there was the self catherizing schedule for 4 weeks to make sure I was able to completely void my neobladder.

    This doesn’t sound like it was the same operation as recovery time in the hospital was 8 days for me and longer for some others that has the same radical cystectomy with a neobladder. Was it just a scrapping or a TURBT day operation that they sent you home with a catheter? In any case, if you can’t pee then you should go back to the hospital or call your surgeon immediately.




    Hi Karen:

    I’m very late with this response but I hope that you can pee better by now.  I also hope that you heeded Keith’s advice and sought medical help right away.  Not being able to urinate can quickly turn into a life threatening situation not only with infection but with damage to the kidneys with the urine backing up.

    Many people with neobladders have to learn how to self catheterize.  The nurses can help with that.  Hope everything is okay.  (((HUGS)))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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