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    I was walking home the other day and came across a couple of squirrels that were involved in a very heated quarrel. I stopped to watch. They were originally each in a separate tree screeching at each other and twitching their tails like crazy. After a few minutes they both jumped to the ground and got into a real wrestling match screeching and scolding all the while. They were evenly matched. They eventually separated and dashed into the middle of the road. They squared off facing each other still screaming and tales twitching. What happened next made me really laugh. They were really close to each other and they just all of a sudden started boxing each others faces just like actual boxers. I don’t know how long that would have continued as they were interrupted by a car coming. Fortunately the driver slowed down and tooted his horn. The squirrels then scattered in opposite directions. I saw that the driver was laughing too so he must has seen the “boxing match”.


    That must have been hilarious! I wish you’d had a video of that!! How cool!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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