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    My husband is currently undergoing treatment once weekly for bladder cancer. He has had recurrance of the tumor 3x. Each biopsy report has been – non-invasive/low grade – which we are told is a favorable outcome.

    He is being treated with Mitomycin, I notice that most folks here on this site have the BCG treatment.

    I have questions about the Mitomycin.

    1.) Though we are told of the possible side effects, as of yet, other than loose stools, my husband has not experienced any. However, it will only be his third treatment tomorrow…………..and maybe, just maybe he won’t experience serious side effects. Thoughts?

    2.) This question is about sexual activity. My husband had his third TURBT early in November and was told that he may resume sexual activity after six weeks. I am wondering if there are any dangers to his partner because of the weekly Mitomycin treatments. Should we take any precautions? We are well beyond the age where birth control is an issue, but are wondering if a condom is warranted.

    3.) No one can tell of the outcome of Mitomycin treatment, we just hope and pray that it will destroy any cancer cells remaining after the TURBT and that the next cystoscopy will be, “ALL CLEAR”. I am sure that there are those of you who have been through Mitomycin treatment and I would like to hear your experience with it.

    Jack Moon

    Mitomycin C commonly used as a treatment for recurring non invasive low grade tumors. It is a chemo drug that has been found to be effective for low grade bladder cancer. It usually has less side effect than BCG which is commonly used to improve the immune system to fight off high grade bladder cancer and CIS.
    Hopefully your husband will continue to have few side effects and no further recurrences.
    Since mitomycin C is a drug, a condom is not required during treatments unless the spouse could still conceive.
    All the best and please keep us posted on his progress.


    Have had many, many Mitomycin C treatments in the past.
    1. The side effects seem to affect some and not others, but they tend to arrive at or after the third or fourth treatment. Mine were flu-like symptoms, aches, and general malaise.
    2. None. Not sure why the six week wait. I was never told to do so – and did not!
    3. Your husband has low grade tumours which are different from what mine were (mine were high grade) so the outcome may well be better. My cancer did progress to muscle invasive disease after two and a half years. But again, mine were high grade tumours and high grade tend to be much more aggressive. Having said that, even with high grade tumours, this drug has been successful for some.
    All the best. Keep us posted as his experience will be a help to others as well.


    Thank You Jack and Greg, you have answered my questions regarding Mitomycin. Hubby will have his third treatment today. Fingers are crossed that side effects will stay away…………or, at the very least be minimal.

    Greg, in the pamphlet we have on TURBT’s, and instructions on hospital discharge it was clearly stated that after the TURBT “no sexual activity for six weeks”.

    Did either or you also receive the instruction after a TURBT not to lift anything heavier that five pounds for six weeks?

    I will keep you posted as to my hubby’s progress.


    I think it is standard to not lift heavy objects after having had any procedure, though I don’t recall specifically being told that following a TURBT. I was definitely told that after my radical cystectomy, however, as that is major surgery. Best to follow your doctor’s instructions.

    My instructions re sexual activity state: “Remind patient and their partner to use birth control while being treated with mitomycin as the drug can damage sperm and harm the baby if used during pregnancy.” There is no other instruction on the paper given to me. Again, it would be worth having a discussion with your doctor about this.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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