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    Monique called this evening to advise that her husband Mike slipped into a coma this afternoon. He is at home and was chatting and joking with her up until just before supper time. The finish line is in sight for him perhaps in the next few days and Monique just wanted her friends on this site to know. She deeply appreciates the concern and care shown to her and Mike over these months which have been especially difficult.

    I know she will appreciate your words of comfort and compassion as she spends these next few days ministering to Mike’s every need.

    Monique sounded strong under these agonizing circumstances, but we can electronically wrap our arms around them both and support them – in prayer and
    in words of encouragement and support.


    thank you for letting us know Greg
    i keep both of them in my heart and in my prayers
    mike and monique are both very special people

    Jack Moon

    I echo your words Lynn, yes they are very special.
    Hugs to you both,


    For those who only know the sign in names, this is M&M – Mike and Monique or Monique and Mike.


    My heart goes out to them. I struggle for words but send warmth to you both during this difficult time.

    Love and prayers,



    Can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through, but keeping them both, and their loved ones, in our prayers….may he cross the finish line peacefully, surrounded by love, and may Monique be given otherworldly strength and comfort to endure and walk with him the steps toward that line.

    Rick B

    Monique & Mike,

    Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you both. It is a difficult path to walk but with God’s blessing and strength you will brave the journey.

    God be with you both…

    Rick B and spouse Rhonda


    Dearest Monique:

    May you find comfort in knowing that we are with you (even if it is only electronically) during this most difficult time. You both have been so brave on this journey. May you also experience God’s love and peace. You are both true warriors.

    I wish that I could reach through this computer to hug you both. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.


    Been following your story via this forum Monique, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Mike this weekend, for peace and strength.

    Gord (gwj)


    Oh Monique my heart goes out to you. Mike has been such a fighter over the last months as you have, being his caregiver and strongest cheerleader. Losing a loved one is never easy but I hope you will find some strength by all the kind words everyone has written for you both over the coming difficult days. Like others I wish I could wrap both of you in my arms and take away your pain.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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