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    Just completed my 11th BCG treatment and I noticed that my semen was almost completely blood, with a lot of prostate pain. It was dark red/brown the first 2 times now it is more like a bright red fresh bleed.   My urologist says that this happens with the bcg but I cannot find anything at all in the liteature describing this as a side effect. Had the usual post treatment hematuria, tissue shedding and urgency/pain but this was a curveball to me. Anyone else experience this? My concerns are that it could be a cancer or that the TB has caused an infection in the prostate, especially after I had a traumatic catheter insertion with pain and bleeding before a previous bcg instillation.


    I’ve had a fair number of BCG treatments and I’ve read a lot about them but I’ve never heard of the side- effects you mentioned. Not once.  I’ve also had a lot of catheters and I think it takes a lot of experience to get good at installing them.  The almost constant urge to pee happens to me after BCG treatments and I’ve actually asked to go home with a catheter so I can at least get some sleep, not having to get up every 40 minutes. Blood in the semen sounds like a testicular problem and not a bladder one, but I’m no doctor.  I hope things get better for you.


    Or more probably a prostate related problem.


    I am not among the more experienced with BCG treatment, but I have not noticed any effect on semen of the 6 BCG treatments I have had.


    Hi Broadmeadow:

    Being female, I obviously have not had prostate issues but did have conversations with the men in the Calgary in person support group that I co-facilitated between 2012-2016.  Some male members of the group found out that the bladder cancer also appeared in their prostates and we also had some men who started out with prostate cancer and later it appeared in their bladder as well.  Sometimes it was classed as a second primary cancer.  Other times it was a case of bladder cancer starting to spread.

    My suggestion would be to have a conversation with your urologist about getting your prostate and maybe your testicles investigated.  Like you said, the BCG may have caused issues in the prostate but it could be something else.  I think it would be better to get it checked out and be safe rather than sorry.

    Hang in.  (((HUGS)))

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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