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    Hi All:

    It has been mentioned in the news recently that many people are doing their Christmas decorating much earlier than usual this year in an attempt to give themselves and those around them something to brighten their day.  It was also mentioned that many of us are doing this to offset how Christmas will be different this year and it is an attempt to lessen that difference.

    I will admit I wasn’t sure about the effect of this at first.  I usually decorate around the 10th of December and take the decorations down a few days after Christmas.  I did have a brief excursion to one of our shopping malls this week and noticed the decorations.  They had just been put up.  Some small children were standing near the beautifully lit trees.  Their eyes were wide with the wonder of what they were seeing and their little faces lit up with joy at seeing the beautiful trees.  Their parents were taking pictures of the children.

    I too, looked up at the trees and felt a lightness that I hadn’t felt for a very long time.  I realized right then we all have to get into the Christmas spirit as best we can and make the most of what we have. It will be the only way that we can beat this thing.  Yes, a vaccine will go a long way in stopping the physical spread but we can stop the mental spread of depression and sadness by doing things like lighting up early.

    Next Sunday, November 29th is the first Sunday of Advent for those of us that follow this tradition.  I’m going to celebrate it by putting up my tree. That will be the earliest that I have ever put it up.  I may leave it up until the Ukrainian new year in early January.

    Oh, by the way my Christmas cactus plant that normally blooms late November, early December is already in full bloom so even the plants are getting into the act.  Just thought I’d share.  (((HUGS))))

    Jack Moon

    Thanks for sharing Marysue. Yes this Christmas will be very different than past years, but we can and we must find keep our spirits up knowing this way of like is temporary. Debbie and I have got all of our shopping done for our grand children and we did have fun getting doing it. Usually we are running around mid December looking and looking with all the crowds. Our outside Christmas lights are up and our tree will be decorated tomorrow, about 3 weeks earlier than normal. We will miss seeing our grand children opening their gifts, so our family plans a “Face Time” on Face Book on Christmas morning so Debbie and I can share in the fun with all 4 houses opening gifts at the same time. Not like other years of course but will be fun.

    I hope everyone can find ways to keep their spirits up, I know easier said than done but it can be done.

    All the best,



    Hi Jack:

    We are still debating our Christmas.  Visiting with extended family is definitely out.  Our debate is what to do with our kids.  Our youngest still lives with us so he will be part of anything that my hubby and I do.  The older three live in Calgary but because they and my daughter-in-law all work in different environments and are not in a bubble anymore are concerned about the risks that it poses for my hubby and me.  Hubby is Type 2 diabetic and approaching 65 so I think that he is considerably higher risk than myself.

    We did get our requisite flu shots in October and keep our going out to a minimum but one never knows.  I still work part time contract off and on but right now the work is from home and virtual. Hubby is retired.

    If we don’t get together, I proposed what you and your wife are planning on doing – have a virtual gift opening and maybe a virtual dinner too.  We are still deciding on that.  It won’t be ideal but it is better than nothing.  As you said this is temporary.  (((HUGS)))


    Rick B

    Hi Folks,

    For certain, Christmas will be much different this year however we are getting an early start too. The daily news, by the hour, is about COVID and like most everyone, fatigue is setting in. Christmas is lifting our spirits and our neighbors are all getting into it as well…many homes have outside decorations and some inside as we can see when we go for our evening walks.

    We normally have everyone (4 families – 8 adults + 7 g’kids) at our place every other year and this is the year. To create proper space for all, earlier this summer we booked 4 cottages so each family have their own.  We are still hoping for a family get together using social distancing and wearing masks. The resort said they would set up separate tables for x-mas diner for the first seating. It all depends on how things go over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

    So far, family birthdays, etc. have been mostly virtual using Zoom.

    Let’s hope that with the vaccines early/mid 2021 things will start returning to a new normal.

    God Bless All!





    Yep. Got my tree and decorations up yesterday.  A few others in my neighbourhood are on the decorating early bandwagon.  I have to say that it lifted my spirits to put the tree and decorations up.

    I did make a fast trip to Home Depot to get new Christmas tree lights as ours are very old and not energy efficient.  The store wasn’t too busy as I got there in the AM.  Most people were quick in and out like me and were wearing masks.  While I was checking out the lights, there was one woman in the department who looked about my age.  She wasn’t wearing a mask and had the most angry look on her face as she walked around.  I suspected that she was looking around to see if anyone would accost her for not wearing a mask. Even though I was tempted, I chose not to engage.  Arguing with these hillbilly red neck types in our province (sadly there are many) is a lost cause.  There have been several instances of people – surprisingly women my age refusing to wear masks in the stores claiming that we are all stupid, chicken and that this is all a hoax.  I let the staff deal with them.

    Christmas plans for us are still up in the air with Calgary being under a state of emergency and tighter restrictions.  My daughter-in-law had a covid scare at work so she and my son got tested.  Thankfully the tests were negative.

    We don’t have the opportunity or means to travel anywhere so we are staying put at home.  A lot of places have so many restrictions in place I don’t think it would be much fun to have Christmas anywhere else.  My biggest wish is that my kids can come over for Christmas dinner but we may end up doing that virtually if things don;t improve much.  This will be a first for me – no kids for Christmas dinner with the exception of our youngest who still lives with us.

    Even though that would be sad, I’m keeping in mind that I’m still blessed with so much.  As my oldest put it, “I’d rather skip this Christmas and be safe so that we will all be here to enjoy next Christmas”.

    So let us light up our lights in solidarity that we will get through this.  ((((HUGS))))


    Thanks MarySue for the topic posted for “Lift our Spirits “ as I beelined to read this. Yes that is all well said- I love the Christmas Lights and have my coloured  indoor ones up and the kids put up the outdoor ones on three trees and the house. I live downstairs on my own and we turned the carport ( it’s open two walls – no doors- and my daughter in love- got a pretty outdoor carpet and 4 patio chairs and little tables and my son put the outdoor propane “fire pit” in the centre and we eat outside and now there’s The Lights all around and a huge wreath. It’s very cozy – quite warm but we do wear our jackets. We will continue to have our dinners out there as my son and wife are teachers and there’s been positive Covids in their schools as well at the grandsons school. We are contemplating going to my other son and his wife and my two granddaughters who live in White Rock to his outdoor patio ; too ; but our Dr. Bonnie is saying no to that so… is better to be safe and follow the rules. We will figure it out.

    Merry “Holidays” to all and a great New Year

    Cheers- Tana


    Hi Tana:

    I’m glad that you have a household arrangement that still allows family members to get together and be safe.  Here in Alberta we have gone into pretty much a lockdown as of this Saturday.  We were most likely going to have a virtual Christmas anyhow so now it will be a reality.  3 out of 4 kids are out on their own and the oldest is married making 5 kids.  All work in different environments and don’t want to put me or my hubby at risk.  My second son will be out of work this weekend as the pub where he works will have to close once again.  He was told that the business will most likely not survive the second shutdown. He has already started looking for another job.

    So, our Christmas plans are a little bit sombre this year.  So far we have planned that I will cook a turkey and divide it up and deliver the portions in containers for each of my kids.  They have all emphasized that food is the most important thing to them outside of being together so we are thinking that I will take on the main cook role since I’m the lowest risk for having anything and then we will eat while Skyping and the oldest has promised to figure out some online games to play to replace the board games that we normally do on Christmas Day.  Outside of this, I think we are waiting until late spring or summer and when it is safe we will celebrate a second Christmas probably with a huge BBQ dinner. Creativity is the name of the game this year.

    Still, we are grateful for what we have.  We are all still healthy and whole, have enough to eat and a roof over our heads which is a lot more than what many have.  There is supposed to be a Christmas star this year with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn so maybe this is a sign of better things to come. Merry Christmas everyone.  ((((HUGS))))


    That is so true MarySue- we do have a lot to be grateful for.

    An alignment of Jupiter and Saturn- I’m so interested in astrology. That’s something else I can look into ( ideas to keep busy sure helps).

    Definitely Cheers to better things to come!



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