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    Hi Everyone:

    As I just posted in another post, I got me an all clear at my cysto appointment. I also had an interesting discussion with the nurse.

    When she was administering the gel it hit an air pocket and a lot of it backed out. This has happened before and I have to get into it seriously with the nurse. I realized I wasn’t freezing up so I told her and asked for a second dose. When she hesitated I explained that I’d had very unpleasant cystos in the past and if I wasn’t frozen I would leave without doing my exam and I meant it. She thankfully agreed and administered the second dose and I could feel it go down much better and sure enough within a minute or so was frozen. While we waited for my doctor she explained that not all urologists order freezing for female patients due to women having such a short urethra but mine fortunately does. I told her that patients should be given pain measures/relief as requested due to the fact that we all have different levels of pain tolerance and that should be regardless of gender. (I stopped myself getting snarky and saying that the doctors that feel that way should experience a cysto without anesthetic. ) Instead I also told her since I have a semi prolapsed urethra that has seen lots of catheters, scopes, and you name it, it has seen the battles and now just can’t do it anymore. When she took a second look at my anatomy she understood. She also told me that the gel acts more as a lubricant than an actual anesthetic. Good to know.

    I didn’t think to tell her but my first uro also told me that women after going through menopause may have a “dry” urethra. So I have drawn the conclusion after today’s experience that if you have a urethral prolapse combined with dryness it may require extra lubrication. What this could mean for the guys I’m not sure as I don’t know if men can experience dryness in that area.

    One thing I do know as a result of the extra gel, I’ve experienced very little discomfort this time even when urinating. Usually the first few times I feel like I peeing hot razor blades so I’m thinking/guessing (have no proof here) the extra gel lubricated the far end of the urethra and prevented the scope from causing irritiation. At any rate I’m grateful and think that the luck of the Irish was with me today on more than one account.

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