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    An old man and his wife went to the doctor for a checkup.
    While the man was with the doc, the doc asked: “So how has life been treating you?”
    The old fellow replied: “The Lord’s been good. Every night when I get up to go to the bathroom, He turns the light on and when I’m finished He turns the light off again.”
    When his wife went in to the doctor, the doctor told her what her husband had said.
    She replied: “For crying out loud! He’s been peeing in the fridge again!”

    All I can add is: Don’t drink the lemonade.



    Word to the wise… Don’t eat while reading Greg’s posts. I darn near choked to death laughing so hard with food in my mouth.

    I sure hope my hubby doesn’t do that when he gets older LOL! 😛


    LOL this was a visual for sure. I’m with MarySue in hoping hubby doesn’t do that as age creeps up.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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