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    I have finished 3 rounds of BCG in July and a few days after experienced severe itchy scalp and tingling. Also at times I had a burning sensation.
    I tried many different shampoos and conditioners to no avail. No dandruff and even bought a lice treatment but still no relief.
    Finally my family Dr. feels it is a side effect to the BCG as this began after 5 days after finishing treatment. Question is has anyone else suffered from this or heard if this is a side effect? My Dr. Gave me a tar shampoo and a script for Reactin to get some relief.

    Rick B


    Cannot recall anything different than the norm as to itchy scalp. I’ve had many treatments of BCG over the past couple of years. What I have noticed since being treated with BCG is that for some unknown reason I’ll get a small red rash (in no particular spot) at times and it’s a bit itchy. I just use a little vit e cream and it clears up. Perhaps your GP is onto something…I will see my Uro in a couple of weeks for a follow-up visit. I will inquire and post anything I learn.



    I did not have itchy scalp as a result of my 19 BCG treatments.

    I used to have bad dandruff and used the tar based shampoos until I found out that tar & coal are linked to bladder cancer in some studies. Enough to make me put that shampoo down.

    The Environmental Working Group site has an area where you can put in your personal care products and see how they are rated. When I put in Denorex, the tar based shampoo that I used to use, it came up as “high hazard” with limited data. Even with limited data, I decided not to use it again.

    Here’s the link:

    I had also read about the link between bladder cancer & tar/coal in the book “Living Downstream.”

    I know some people will say there’s only limited scientific studies, but even a small link was enough for me to stop.


    I found that my skin was more sensitive during treatment overall and still is to this day. I have switched to natural care products with coconut oil in them and that has helped me. A rinse made with a little bit of apple cider in it might help as taking a cup of water with apple cider and honey before each meal.. My hubby had itchy scalp issues years ago not BCG related but the naturopath put it down to allergies. It took a couple of weeks but it seemed to work.


    My scalp has been itchy too but I never thought about the bcg connection, I thought it was the recent humidity. Also I had a rash on my legs after one of the treatments but the dermatologist checked it out and thought it was not related to the bcg. We postponed the treatment a week and it went away and never came back after the next bcg.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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