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    Hi Everyone:

    We now have a section on the forum for Inspirational stories written by BC patients and caregivers.  I’m proposing that we also have a place for inspirational sayings, verses, words to be an additional boost for people to read when their spirits are low.  I came across this on my Face Book page this morning.  It was posted by a BC survivor and is from a cancer support page Victory Today.  I feel that this is very fitting for anyone going through the bladder cancer journey.  It is also applicable to many other situations. Here it goes:


    If the mountain seems too big today

    then climb a hill instead

    If the morning brings you sadness

    it’s ok to stay in bed

    If the day weighs heavy

    and your plans feel like a curse

    There’s no shame in rearranging

    don’t make yourself feel worse

    If a shower stings like needles

    and a bath feels like you will drown

    If you haven’t washed your hair for days

    don’t throw away your crown

    A day is not a lifetime

    a rest is not defeat

    Don’t think of it as failure

    just a quiet kind retreat

    It’s ok to take a moment

    from an anxious fractured mind

    The world will not stop turning

    while you get realigned

    The mountain will still be there

    when you want to try again

    You can climb in your own time

    just love yourself til then.


    All the best to everyone.  I hope this is a good reminder to all that in this journey we will all take the necessary steps for self love and care and not feel guilty about it.  ((((HUGS))))

    Rick B

    Thank you Marysue. Very fitting for many situations…thanks again for sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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