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    I haven’t posted for some time although I have been reading the posts fairly frequently.
    I did mention in my last post that I had to have emergency triple A surgery on January 27 this year, which of course delayed the scheduled bladder removal surgery. Not for long unfortunately! I had my cystectomy on April 2 as they felt that was as long as they felt comfortable waiting.
    Without going into all of the grimy details, the wound didn’t heal following the surgery and I had to go back to the OR for repair work. Finally, after a month in hospital and a 40 pound weight loss I was allowed home with wound care nurses coming twice a day.
    I am still having wound care although not nearly as frequently and multiple tests to determine the cause of the drainage, but the best guess is that I now have a bowel fistula that will require more surgical repair. EEEEEK! I am so done with all of this!
    On reading this post, I see how really cranky I have become! So in closing, I do have some positive news. Prior to the surgery my main concern was how I could possibly cope with an illeal conduit diversion. To my great surprise, after just a few days with my new appliance I was quite comfortable with the whole thing. She even has a name; ” Rosebud”! She and I get along really well and have had virtually no accidents. The even better news is that after everything, and I mean everything was removed and tested following the surgery; there is NO MORE CANCER !
    Nothing could be better than that. Thanks everyone for listening, I feel remarkably better having vented!


    So glad you’re back with us and cancer free. The many surgeries and treatments will have been very hard with another one looming. But soon you’ll be able to exhibit (not to us) your many scars and yet still have a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Just don’t get a kink in your ileal conduit! Welcome back.

    Jack Moon

    Welcome back Bonnie. Sorry you have had to endure so many surgeries in 2013.
    I do love your last 2 sentences. Cancer free has a nice ring to it.
    Don’t be a stranger.
    All the best,


    Bonnie, congratulations! Cancer free is the most important and I am glad you are coping with your new life so well! Keep it up!! By the way, my mom calls hers ‘sprout’ 🙂


    That’s a lot of surgeries! But thankfully you are now without cancer. Cool. But Rosebud? Yeah, I guess that’s a good name. i think Greg would be a better name though. But I think Greg had his name copyrighted.



    Hi Bonnie; What a journey you have had! I hope that it is better from here on in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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