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    Rick B

    Rhonda and I are blessed with having 7 grandchildren…the latest just 3 weeks ago as we returned from an extended vacation.

    Getting back after being away for a couple of months was awesome…I’ve been dealing with BC since mid 2012 and it was shortly after that when our 6th came along. I was not in a good place at the time but the youth and wealth of newness took over as did getting to know how many friends I have at BCC.

    I thank God for the blessings bestoyed on me and our family and everytime I sit amongest the crowd of toys, blankets and all the other stuff that surround out wonderfull grandchildren I just look up, smile and say…thank you… for making our life whole.

    Surround yourself with children at every opportunity and I can assure you, their energy will soon help you forget, or at least park, your troubles for awhile.



    Amen to that.


    Kids certainly do help you forget your worries. My brother said the chortling of his infant grandson & the incessant prattling of his toddler granddaughter helped him heal after prostate ca surgery. I know I feel rejuvenated after seeing the grandkids albeit exhausted if we are babysitting. I have a cute story to share. My husband’s 4 yr old grandson was having trouble getting to sleep. He wanted a story in which he and his family starred. He decided he was a prince, his sister a princess & his parents the king & queen. I asked what Grandpa & I were. Servants, he replied. Sadly, it’s accurate. We are at their beck & call and we indulge them with affection and attention. And we love it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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