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    Hi All:

    I’m posting a question re BCG treatments.  Does anyone else other than me find that they are more sensitive to things since doing BCG?  I’m referring to exposure to smoke, scents, visual and hearing stimuli, smells?  I find when I walk through a shopping mall that has stores that sell things like bath bombs and you can smell the fragrances from several stores away, I now start sneezing and choking whereas before I might only have a bit of a tickle in my nose.  Same for the fire smoke that blanketed our city overnight.  We’ve had these smoky times before but I notice that I’m bothered by the smoke way more than before.

    When it comes to visual and hearing, I find the sunlight way more intense and even though I wear hearing aids regular sounds seem louder than they should.

    Maybe it is just an age thing, but it seems that things are more intense since restarting BCG.  Any thoughts or comments?  (((HUGS)))

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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