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    I have no idea why I chose that title. In any event, I have had a revelation. Something like thinking about Greg. Frightening I know. Well the bottom line to this temporary insanity here is that I have not posted in a while and frankly it seems like two days and in reality it’s more like two years, well, not that long but it’s been weeks and I apologized. I do like to keep things in suspense though. Well, as you may or may not know my wife and I solld the biggest portion of our company and i guess you could call that retirement of a sort. The pain has resulted in my decision to get out of search and rescue and law enforcent work which was a depressing moment but I still do some local work. I am thankful that I have been able to it for as many years as I have.

    many have told my wife and have told me they were concerned about me in that I would get bored and wither away. Not a chance. I have been busier than ever. I have had more time with my dogs, my tactical shooting and starting modifications on my 99 Camaro that I wanted to do since 2002. So I’m fine. I am having a little trouble getting use to a different schedule but I actually like not having all the headaches and responsibilities of running a company. I’m happy. The spinal stenosis and the MS are a bit of a problem but nothing a Texas boy (I’ll be 10 in the fall) like me can’t handle.

    At the end of the year we are selling the bed and breakfast and the leasing part of the company we’ll be keeping. BUT, we hired a really good housekeeper which is fantastic. She has a special needs child so we are able to help her via employment and we have much less stress at home. Things are cool. I may be needing to change my meds to Methadone or something but I’m always up for a good challenge. Unfortunately (or maybe not) the pain causes a lot of fatigue so I sleep more than I would like to but it is what it is.

    Getting up in the morning knowing I have the whole day to plot my revenge against Greg makes me so happy!

    Sorry I was away for so long but my prayers and caring are never absent.

    Love you alol,



    I definitely have mind thing going on with wrote the day I was going to call. Maybe I can make you behave by just thinking it.
    I will be trying.
    Oh a really good housekeeper sounds wonderful….but I will just have to do it grrrr
    So nice to see you here, and hubby sleeps a lot too. But his cancer is still in remission. And he takes a lot of pain meds
    I have been fine, but might need gall bladder out…but I am fine just going on a gal bladder diet .

    Put a pic of your car here….love to see it.

    hugsss , Jeanne


    How much do you want for the bed. I don’t want the breakfast. Probably grits and fried armadillo or something.

    We actually were going to send search and rescue out looking for you, but the only guy I know in search and rescue went missing so I did not know who to send. But I think he found you! Amazing coincidence.

    Great to have you back – along with your unique spelling. I’ve reelie missedd thatt.



    I had the breakfast , Greg! He said it was chicken! Was rattlesnake, Never ,ever eat at that place!
    I don’t even want to think what I was drinking eeeek


    Axtuilly wi hav a daly spcal, road kil of the day.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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