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    I am new to this forum. I am a 49 year old female who was diagnosed on April 14th 2015 with a bladder mass about this size of a quarter, I forget the exact size in mm. I had the tumor remove on May 1st and just had my cystoscope yesterday. Two or three more small masses were indicated. I will be scheduled for surgery probably next week and then treatment will follow.

    I read a few of the comments by those that have been newly diagnosed and I understand your fears and concerns, been there and now again. I don’t know if the first time or the second time is worse. It is really a mixed bag of emotions and feelings. The internet can be a source of information but at the same time it can only fuel the fire.

    My bladder cancer was found accidently. I went to the hospital when I saw blood for the second time in my urine. I thought it was a bladder infection. I think what is most important is support. Without support downhill comes fast. I know, don’t have family where I live and my first day was the darkest. Please stick together no matter the outcome.


    Hello Lemongirl

    Welcome to the place no one wants to be a part of but it is one of the best places to be when one has BC.

    Read through info on this site. It is really good level headed stuff. Do not spend time researching other sites as they will scare the pants off you. Those sites are just not realistic and will have you without a bladder next week and dead the week after.

    My second scope showed 4 tumors and yes I went about swinging from the rafters initially. After three surgeries, removal of so many tumors I have lost count and going low grade to high grade in June, I have learnt that it just isn’t worth it investing all that time and energy into swinging from the rafters. Once I let go of that life became so much easier. Now I look at each scope as an opportunity to do battle with BC and get ahead of it instead of those little cancer buggers having free reign with my bladder.

    BC has a high recurrence rate and I wish every uro would explain to each patient that they should expect recurrences but not to panic about them. Expect recurrences and realize that it is the norm with BC. Eventually most of us will get to hear those sweet words “all clear” and you will too. Just be patient. My Sept scope was my first “all clear”.

    In the meantime, take a deep breath or two or three or four or however many it takes. Then go hug those you love and spend time with those you are close to. Cry if need be. It is allowed. Learn to laugh again. Then you will start to heal.

    Take care

    Jack Moon

    Hi Lemongirl.

    I recommend you get a copy of your pathology report after you next Turbt. Knowing exactly your stage and grade and type of bladder will assist you in what to expect in terms of treatment. The report also indicates if your Uro got enough margins during the surgery.
    Good luck with your upcoming Turbt, and keep us posted on your progress.
    You are only a click away from your new found family.
    All the best,


    There are no lemons here.You are a beautiful person, with a crappie situation.Jack is right having good info, is a big part of understanding whats happening. There are some things you don’t know about yourself yet. YOU ARE BRAVER THAN YOU THINK.. STRONGER THAN YOU SEEM… LOVED MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Laugh dance sing cry get pissed off, it’s all ok.If you didn’t feel like this you wouldn’t be human. ((HUGS))

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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