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    Sandra T

    High Everyone : It has been quite a while since I have posted so before I respond to any posts I thought I would share some thoughts with you.

    I found out abour Bladder Cancer Canada after I had been thru all the treatments,TURBts, Cystos and then the Radical Cystectomy. I have always been extremely fortunate with medical care and could not have had any better.
    I did do the journey alone, the last four years being difficult. I have a great support system but it is great to be able to share with others going thru it. We all simply get it and understand where we are coming from.

    What I did learn from BCC is that while i was going thru everything then waiting for the big surgery my Anxiety, Fear, Fatigue, uncertaintly, general unwell feeling with treatments were all normal and I wasn’t a wimp or not coping. The “think positive” wansn’t very helpful or well you look good therefore how bad can it be didn’t help either. My husband though was always great.

    I still do not have anyone to compare info with since I have the uncomon Mainz 11 procedure, which has worked well for me. I am now 3 years post RC.

    BCC is a place to share information
    ask questions
    get advice and help
    find great doctors and hospitals
    learn the latest updates and progress being made
    feel supported and understood
    find humour that only we probably get

    There are not enough words to thank David and Jack for having the desire and ability to create such a wonderful and invaluable organization.
    Thank you both so very much.

    I will be at the conference on saturday and would like to meet many others.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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