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    Hi everyone,
    I just want to start by saying how relieved I am to find a supportive site like this and how sorry I am that anyone has to deal with this awful disease. I have been coming on here reading posts for a few months now, but was reluctant to post. I think I felt it would make things seem too real. I haven’t been diagnosed with BC yet, but I go for my cystoscopy tomorrow.

    I am 48 years old, mom of 3. Non smoker and otherwise very healthy. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Last August 2016 I developed symptoms very similar to a UTI. Burning in the bladder and pressure. Discomfort. My GP put me on antibiotics. This didn’t help. Symptoms would be stronger some days more than others. A urinalysis was done a month later. I called and was told no infection, but at that point the symptoms had only just stopped again so I wasn’t concerned. I was terribly busy all fall and even though symptoms came back I tried drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and took cranberry supplements to beat back this stubborn “infection”. Made another appointment for November but by the time I could get in (2 weeks) symptoms had completely gone again. So I cancelled. In December she sent me for another urinalysis and called me herself on the 15th to tell me no infection again and there had been blood present in both urinalysis tests.
    Now I was concerned. Office was closing for Christmas so I had to wait till Mid January to get examined and referred to a urologist. I haven’t seen him yet. Tomorrow morning 9am I see him for a consult and the cystoscopy. I am praying this isn’t cancer, but even my GP admitted her concern.

    I am wondering how long it took for all of you to see a urologist and get the cystoscopy? From the time you were referred to being seen by the specialist? CB is well known for long wait times. I am worried about how long this has been going on without getting resolved. It has been 9 months now. I have seen on here and elsewhere online that the cystoscopy itself is manageable/painless. I am wondering if there is pain or discomfort the next day? Also, were you told anything by your doctor during the cytoscopy? Did they say if they saw something or give any indication about the result or did you have to wait for a follow up appointment?
    I can’t say how much I will appreciate any insights you all can offer.
    Thanks, Lisa

    Jack Moon

    Hi Lisa
    From the time I was referred to the Uro was around 10 days. Had a cysto the following week and then surgery in 2 weeks.
    The cysto is uncomfortable I find, and with-in a few hours I feel normal again.During the cysto which by the way you can watch with the doctor and yes my Uro does talk to me during the cysto, since I have know him since 2005, we usually talk fishing. If he does see something during the cysto he normally will tell you and even show you on the screen. Keep positive thoughts and all the best tomorrow.
    I was diagnosed in 2005 and have been all clear since 2007.
    Best regards,

    Rick B

    Hi Lisa,

    Just seeing your posting…by now you have seen your Urologist and hopefully the consult/cysto went well. Sometimes the Uro will want to do a biopsy if there is anything he/she would like to further check out. Please keep us in the loop and should you need to know more by all means reach out and ask. The folks on this site are really good at explaining/sharing their experiences which often provides more insight then what you can learn elsewhere.

    Wishing you all the best…god bless.



    Thank you Rick and Jack,
    My cystoscopy went well. The urologist said he sees no sign of cancer and he suspects interstitial cystitis. I am so relieved. I start an elimination diet and see him again in 3 months. Hopefully I will see some relief. The pain is easier to face knowing it’s not life threatening.
    I appreciate your kind responses so much. It has been a stressful time.

    Wishing you every happiness and good health.


    Hi Lisa,
    What wonderful news for you! The waiting for answers is the hardest part … it seems interminable & it’s very hard to think of anything else. Now, finally you can get on with life. Congratulations!

    Rick B

    That is great news Lisa…we are so pleased for you. The relief of knowing it is not BC will take away the stress of the worry and anxiousness and no doubt contribute to you getting better sooner.

    All the best…god bless.


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