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    Jack Moon

    Thankful for my wife’s insight to make me go to emergency due to pains in my chest and perspiring. I thought it was a virus or something. But low and behold she was right, I was having a heart attack. Still don’t understand why they call it attack as nothing really attacked me. Local hospital worked swiftly and sent me to Trillium Health Centre which specializes in this area. The ambulance I rode in sure could use new springs as it seemed to be a bumpy ride.
    I was amazed at how efficient the nurses and docs were. With-in 1 hour and I was watching this whole procedure, sent dye through my arteries, found a big clot, then they blew it up with a balloon of some sort, and then inserted two steel stints in the artery. Then at 4 am they send me back to local hospital again via ambulance no sirens this time.
    Spent 2 days driving the poor nurses crazy, as they kept saying I ask too many questions. Then heart specialist sends me home with a long list of expensive medications to pick up at local pharmacy.
    So now home resting and starting the plan to get me as good as new again.
    Can you believe they will not let you drive for 30 days after a heart attack.
    So now I belong to another forum where people just like here, share their experiences and knowledge about this disease. All my questions have been answered for now. But what I can’t understand is that I actually feel better today than before the heart attack, go figure that! I do feel sorry for Debbie having to put up with me at home for 4 weeks. (lol)
    Just thought I would share my little bump in the road with all my friends here at BCC.
    All the best everyone,
    Bump in the road Jack


    Jack, your stented arteries are now providing oxygen rich blood to your starved heart so it’s great you feel better. I recall the feeling of dependence upon not being able to drive for a month. Having other people drive me nearly gave me a heart attack! You’ve always had a big heart my friend. Now it’s even better!



    Yikes Jack, talk about scary! Good for Debbie … girl!
    Take care and rest up… And enjoy being chauffeured around…..mmmmm!

    Rick B

    Hey Jack,

    Sure glad to hear you’re doing ok. Never had a heart attack…I’ll take the advice…thank-you.

    Take care…rest and enjoy the pampering for a month…I’m sure there will lots to do later…



    Wow Jack, I only left you guys alone for a little bit.

    I am so very glad you chose to listen to Debbie. See? This is why we tell you husbands to listen to your wives.

    I must agree with Greg, you’ve always had a big heart so now it is just better too.

    Take some time to rest….30 days of not driving might “drive” Debbie crazy. Good luck to you both.

    Take care my friend.



    So glad you are feeling better. Please take the rest you need. Might be nice to have a chauffer for a bit!


    Wow, pretty big bump in the road. Glad that you were talked into getting help right away, and that things look okay now, and you’re feeling fine. One never knows, do one? What’s coming tomorrow, I mean. Seize the day, etc.


    Well, welcome to the heart attack club. Had mine 13 years ago, and been fine since. Had a couple of trips to the ER for pains, just scared of another attack.
    I am glad they got to you right away. I was in for over a month since 4 months before heart attack I had a stroke. I got so tired of mysterious looking hospital food, lol. All in all , I was in hospital for almost 3 months. Yuck!

    So take it easy for a little while. No marathons 🙂 So glad you are ok. What would we do without you?!!

    Hugsssss Jeanne


    So glad you are home and on the mend. My husband’s dermatologist said he can’t believe how many wives have saved their husband’s lives. Thank you Debbie for taking such good care of our Jack.
    All the best


    Oh Jack,

    I couldn’t believe it when I read your post! I am soooo glad that your wife made you go to the hospital and that the Canadian Health Care System took swift care of you.

    Take care of yourself, my friend, you are too valuable to all of us, especially me!


    Sooo happy to hear you are on the mend Jack. No more close ones my friend, I don’t think I can take it. High five to Deb for putting down the boot.
    Wait, does this mean no more Keith’s?


    Well I’m sure glad you’re OK but I just don’t understand how you could have a heart attack, you play golf. Makes no sense. But get rested, keep off the roads of texas for 30 years. It’s the law here.



    So glad to hear Deb made you get checked at the hospital. We all need you Jack so please take care and by all means listen to that little wife of yours.



    I’m a bit late with my reply but thank God that you are ok and that Debbie was aware of what was happening. My hubby wouldn’t listen to me when I suspected he was having a heart attack one morning before work. He insisted on going to the office and he ended up going to the hospital by ambulance from work. His boss recognized that he was in trouble and called 911. He learned a hard lesson and listens to me much better now.

    I know you are the type that doesn’t like to be slowed down but do it please! We need you as does Deb and your kids. Get better soon. (((((HUGS)))))


    Wow I didn’t realize and just saw this now. So glad you are ok! You my friend have taught me so much over our Cancer experience so let me teach you a lil somthing “THE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT”, LOL. You have a good one there by the sounds of it. Good man for listening to her concerns. I hope all is well and you are feeling better! God Bless.

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