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    No one has posted this yet so I’ll say it….Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Don’t eat too much turkey. We’re doing ours tomorrow.
    My second son’s girlfriend will be joining us and has just be diagnosed as having celiac disease so it has been interesting figuring out how to alter the menu to include her. It is extra work to be sure but it is an interesting learning curve. I just hope that I can make a dinner for her to eat.

    Rick B

    Happy Thanksgiving to all too! Enjoy time with family and friends and give thanks to what we have.

    Marysue…think gluten free…

    Jack Moon

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we have eleven for dinner tomorrow.


    How did it turn out for your sons girlfriend, marysue. Ours is next month , but I am thinking of getting a very small turkey or a big chicken.
    Just the 2 of us this year unless one of the kids join us…unlikely.

    Hope you all had a happy day. Gobble Gobble Gobble


    Seriously, Jeanne? thanksgiving is in November. You aren’t even close. Is there something you would like to tell us about your brain?

    But I’ll help you if I can. It’s really easy. Make a big salad. Works every time. remember, you live in California. Why would you want to do anything conventional. And a chicken? A chicken, really, Jeanne. A chicken for thanksgiving. What the heck are you thinking. Like that really makes a difference? You are such a turkey

    A chicken? For Thanksgiving? That’s not until November? Well at least you gave the chicken fair notice.

    Sick! Even Greg would not think of that and he is pretty darn weird. or is he the chicken?



    Happy thanksgiving from me too…..
    Mary sue, what did you feed the girl friend?
    My daughter is gluten intolerant and it really makes the think before I cook anything! My cooking skills are lacking at the best times!


    [strong]Happy Thanksgiving[/strong] everyone.
    I am thankful for this site and all of the open sharing and caring.
    Today I had lunch with an ostomate and since I’ll soon be joining that group,
    it gave me more opportunity to wrap my head around the loss, for lack of a better word.
    The ‘loss’ will be a new life however, .. a life without the shadow of cancer.
    Lots to be thankful for.
    I smell turkey!


    GF is not too difficult really. You can buy G F stuffing and make gravy without flour.veggies are gluten free. Turkey is. You can buy G F pumpkin pie. I too am celiac and had a great thanksgiving with 35 family. Blessed indeed.


    Thanksgiving dinner went very well. The only adjustments I had to make was in the gravy and the stuffing. I made regular bread stuffing on the side for the rest of the crew and made a gluten-free bread stuffing for inside the turkey. The gravy my son said would be the biggest concern for her but we substituted corn starch for the wheat flour and I made sure that I used gluten free boullion cubes and we were good. We figured out a gluten free dessert in rice pudding (something that I haven’t had or made in many many years) and a sorbet. Everyone really got into this. There was only 7 of us this year as the in-laws and out-laws that we usually gather with are on a vacation in Europe. It was really nice though just having the kids and the one girlfriend – great food and conversation go a long way to restoring one’s spirits. I feel very grateful indeed.

    And Ki, FYI Canada’s Thanksgiving is in October because like the bears we go into hibernation for the winter (at least in Calgary) by November except for a brief reappearance for Christmas.


    thanksgiving in October? Seriously! You would think I would remember that I guess but there is Canadian thanksgiving, thanksgiving, and Texas thanksgiving. Well, happy thanksgiving and i too cannot have gluten. It used to be a problem but now I find many things are gluten free. I have more than one gastrointestinal disorder and I have to check everything, every ingredient, in all food. The problem is it is difficult to know what food goes into the food before we actually get the food and what goes on the food after we get the food.

    Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian family!


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