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    Jack Moon

    A patient, now a friend, I have been assisting and supporting for the past 3 years got some great news today. Gwen got her first ALL CLEAR since being diagnosed in 2009.
    She was initially diagnosed with non-invasive high grade, has had 3 sets of BCG, but every 3 month cysto tumors came back.
    All recurrences were low grade.
    We discussed trying 6 weekly treatments of mitomycin C, and her doc agreed to give it try. Well it worked, her 1st All Clear. To say the least she is on cloud 9!
    Gwen does not have a computer but wanted me to share her story so others can learn that never giving up and being pro-active has it’s benefits.
    Congrats Gwen you are truly an inspiration.


    Congrats and best wishes to her and many more all clears to come.


    Wonderful news! I know those words ALL CLEAR are the best two words to hear in this situation.


    Brings back fond memories….All Clear!

    Congrats Gwen!!


    Happy Day for Gwen! :)) Hoping she hears that time and time again from now on!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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