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    A great big THANK YOU goes out to Henry Azjenberg for all his hard work in organizing Hamilton’s first Bladder Cancer Canada Walk. The day ran very smoothly and everyone there had a good time. Thanks to Henry’s many volunteers and especially Jack and Sharon. Even the weather co-operated!


    Way to go!!! It will only get bigger and better from here on in! Congrats!!


    We love Henry too…oh, wait a minute, you know what I mean! Great job Henry.


    Jack Moon

    Congrats Henry. I have received several emails today regarding how well the Hamilton walk was organized and what a great time everyone had at the event.
    The Hamilton walk raised awareness about this disease which is the cake, the icing was the tremendous amount of funds the event raised.
    Thanks to all the volunteers, and walkers that made Hamilton walk such a success.


    I don;t care what Greg says, Henry. I love you. Greg has an identity issue. But aside from that, I do thank you and your team and all of you at BCC for giving so much of yourselves to help others. Y’all are great! My sincere congratulations!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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