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    N Greg, not the ghost of Christmas past, he died.

    Recently a friend troubled with frequent repairs on his old truck told me that mechanical troubles have been following him around like “an old ghost”. And “old” ghost. He is not as crazy as I am so we never did continue the discussion about what exactly is an “old” ghost.

    I didn;t think ghosts aged. Maybe they do. Do they age forward or backward I wonder? How old can a ghost get? If a ghost is old it means he or she is still living but ghosts have already died so how old does a ghost get? And do they die…..? Darn, one funeral is expensive enough. And who buries the old ghosts? Other old ghosts?



    As long as you do not “give up the ghost.” That would be bad for you, but presumably good for the ghost. I know people who look like they have seen a ghost. Not sure if it was an old one or a young one. I wonder if old ghosts fade so that they are not visible whereas young ghosts are white – and wear sheets apparently at Hallowe’en. But are ghosts really white and see through? I don’t have a ghost of an idea. I’m aghast – as opposed to aghost. And do they really go around saying “oooooooooooooh?” I go around saying that on occasion – and that’s when people tell me I look like I’ve seen a ghost. Ah, now I get it.

    Good ghost post, Ki.



    I’m not surprised that the first reply is from a Ghrost. We’ll have to give him a roast. Or maybe he was already roasted, or taosted. that’s why he’s a groast. He said he’s aghast but I think he’s a gas. Still don’t know what an old ghost is compared to a young ghost or a living whost who’s dead. Or a dead ghost who is alive. Wasn’t there a song called “Stayin’ Alive”? Or was that “stayin’ dead? Speaking of witch, do ghosts ever come back to life? Assuming they are an old ghost and a dead one as well. But if a ghost does die does he or she age? Maybe they just slip and fall on sidewalks. No, ghosts don’t do that. Or do They????, Sue



    Calling all ghostbusters!!


    Ghost busters? You mean a ghost bust? Is that like a drug bust? Do ghosts use drugs?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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