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    10 years ago, I took part in a 5K race to help raise money for the Bob Kemp Hospice in Hamilton.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day and there were family and friends taking part as well.  I remember completing the race and had a tremendous urge to pee.  When I peed it was all blood.  There was no clear urine.  It frightened me!  A visit to my family doctor got me an appointment with a Urologist at St. Joe’s and things started to proceed fairly quickly.  I remember laying on the operating table looking up at the TV monitor and saw what looked like sugar crystals.  They turned out to be low grade superficial (on the lining) cancer.  When I was told I had Cancer, my mind went numb…so did my wife’s; we both left with a whole bunch of questions.  At the time Bladder Cancer Canada was just being formed and so we had nobody to turn to outside of my Urologist.

    My cancer returned three times.  I underwent Turbts twice and the last procedure was a Laser to burn the cancer in the bladder.  After going for checkups every quarter, then twice a year and then once a year, I received an ‘all good’ from my Urologist in 2017.  He told me I had graduated and that I would no longer need to see him.  He encouraged me to be vigilant about the blood in the Urine as well as having yearly blood work and Urine test to ensure none of the markers for Cancer were present.  It has now been 10 years and I am very grateful for having survived Bladder Cancer.

    Having a positive frame of mind and an “I can beat this” attitude helped me mentally and emotionally deal with the disease.  My family and friends believe my good friend who passed away in the Hospice was looking out for me and I BELIEVED IT.

    I have been very fortunate in that I’ve never undergone BCG treatments.  The Laser procedure was the last procedure I received.  After that it was the regularly scheduled  checkups.

    I will never forget the key words my Urologist spoke when he told me I had Bladder Cancer.  He said “…BUT, you caught it very very early and you have a good chance of beating this”.  Lesson to take away:  Don’t put it off…if you see blood, see your doctor and MENTION/ASK about the possibility of Bladder Cancer.  A poster on Bladder Cancer I put up in a Ford Dealership saved the life of one of their employees.  He was being treated for a bladder infection until he mentioned the poster and bladder cancer.  It turned out he had bladder cancer and is doing well with his treatments.

    My best,

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