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    Hi Everyone:

    I’m sure that you’ve heard about the devastation in Ft. Mac. Please pray for the madness to end. The videos are harrowing. This is the biggest fire in Alberta’s history.
    Thankfully no one has been hurt or killed. BCC members that haven’t been on this site for a while are safe. Just wanted to let everyone know.

    Jack Moon

    Thank goodness no one has lost their life, everything else can be replaced. Just can not imagine what it is like for the people of Fort McMurray and surrounding towns.
    God Bless them all.



    Add on to the fires: I live several hundred miles away from Ft McMurray (over 700 kms to drive there). Two nights ago I started smelling burnt electrical wire. Of course, thought something was smouldering in my house. Took a while to figure out it was outside. The smoke from Ft McMurray was rolling in. The burnt electrical wire smell lasted all night and into the next morning. Then it changed to a wood fire smell. Couldn’t be outside yesterday because the smoke was so thick.

    The burnt electrical wire smell was from the houses burning in Ft. McMurray. Looked up the stats: one suburb 90% of the houses are gone; another 80% of the houses are gone; several others have % ranging from 13 houses to 40% of houses gone.

    Albertans are tough. They will recover. As many in Ft. McMurray come from elsewhere, this will give them an opportunity of taking a cash payout on their house insurance and then heading home. Many were stuck in Ft. McMurray because of their house and mortgage. Since they no longer have a job in the patch, this will now open up an option for them. Every cloud has a silver lining!

    Anyway, for every private donation to Red Cross for Ft. McMurray, the federal government will match it. Please donate.

    Take care and be grateful for what you have

    Marie 1

    Hi Cheryl. These fires are devastating and a miracle that no lives have been lost. Unbelievable that you live that far away and are experiencing the effects.

    We all have to be grateful and not to take anything for granted. I am sure that most of us will reach out and help the people of Ft. McMurray.

    Take care and God Bless

    Rick B

    I really feel for the evacuees as it must have been a horrific shock to be told you have a couple of hours to get out of arms way… The really good news is that no one lost life or had any serious injuries caused by the fire, Hats off to those who had the major task of managing the evacuation…BRAVO to All!

    The further good news is that 85% of Ft Mac’s structures went untouched and that key infrastructure remained intact…again, BRAVO to the fire fighters who worked relentlessly.

    We have family there and are thankful in that they are fine and have a summer set-up to go to; and, their home was among the 85%.

    Thoughts and prayers are with all evacuees…god bless.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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