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    Went yesterday for my first treatment and all was good no burning or side effects maybe a slight headache last night.
    It was a bit different then what I expected as in London they took my bp and temp and then the drug was administered but I only had to hold for one hour. Was not allowed to go home. After an hour she tells you to void. She checks to make sure you can go and then go home and drink lots of water. All 6 of my treatments are the same way. Thankful I feel good though. Thanks for the tips and info.


    Glad your treatment went well, and I hope the remaining 5 are just as good. Take care of yourself!


    Did you have to act like a rotisserie and turn over on your four sides every 15 minutes? Sme doctors still insist that is best where others acknowledge that the chemicals will easily cover the insides of a fist-sized orgam without the turning. Just wondering what the London protocol is for you.
    Glad you feel good. Long may it continue.

    Jack Moon

    Glad all went well with 1st treatment. Just wondering why you only had to hold the BCG for 1 hour until your 1st void.
    Usually you are asked to hold the BCG for 2 hours until you void. You might want to ask your Uro this question.
    Link to BCG:
    Good luck with treatment number 2.


    So pleased to hear that the BCG treatment was “all good”. I had my first round of the 6 BCGs in the summer and my experience was similar. We’ll all be rooting for your good results to continue.


    This is just my opinion but I always though that laying down made more sense for me. Firstly because standing up the drug caused my bladder to spasm like crazy – it lessened laying down and secondly since I knew where the tumours had been I emphasized those sides first while the drug was the strongest to make sure that I gave any remaining critters the biggest zap I possibly could. Whether I’m right I don’t know. I think this was more of a pyschological thing for me. I do wonder about them saying that 1 hour is enough though.


    Oh, and best of luck with the rest of the treatments.


    Thanks for the update and happy to hear your treatment went well. Fingers crossed that the upcoming ones go well for you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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