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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to provide some useful information to anyone requiring an external catheter. From my search, I found that Coloplast manufactures the best one.

    I actually dropped by their corporate office and was informed that they do not sell to the public. I was purchasing a box for $159 at a local medical supply retail store and then came across a company called SCI Supply. They are located in Ontario and it is on-line. They charge $104 for the same box. I received my order the next day.

    That is a huge savings for anyone requiring this product. They have a website.

    I hope this information helps.


    HI RMRuk,

    Thanks for you finding another source for acquiring an external catheter at great price.









    The Mad Bladder

    I have been completely incontinent since my neobladder surgery almost 2 years ago. (female) I had sling surgery last May that helped a lot with my daytime incontinence, but not at all with my nighttime incontinence. I wake up drenched in the morning even though I wear the best nighttime brief I can find, booster pad and plastic pants. My bed is soaked in the morning. My doctor gave me pills to slow down my kidneys at night, but they didn’t help at all. He now suggested that I sleep with a Foley catheter at night, but the size he gave me is too small (14fr, 10ml)and I just leak by it. I’m trying to see if he’ll allow me to wear a bigger size. If this doesn’t work to keep me dry at night, he has suggested another sling surgery that is more involved than my 1st surgery. It requires going in thought the abdomen and using a strip of flesh from my thigh as the sling. He also mentioned that I could damage my neobladder. Has anyone ever had this done? Has anyone tried sleeping with a Foley catheter at night that actually kept them dry? I would love to have a dry nights sleep for a change.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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